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AS OCR Unit 3 ICT Solutions for Individuals & Society

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by brownkatie, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Is there anyone who has done the OCR assignments and has made local database for these assignments? Can you pass on information on the database you have made? I am also interested in finding out about the information from the public service websit? What would that be? Is it like local population, transport links etc
  2. It is for AS OCR Unit 3 ICT Solutions for Individuals & Society
  3. I did this unit a couple of years ago. I did a scenario around the costs of learning to drive and buying your first car. If I remember rightly I did this:

    local database (I provided it) - database of used cars and specifications.They had to search it to find cars matching particular criteria
    online database - used car databases searches on the internet - autotrader etc and insurance databases e.g directline to get cost of insurance
    public service websites - used direct.gov.uk to find various info such as cost of provisional license, mot cost, tax costs, driving test costs
  4. Thanks for your reply,
    So the database you created was it relational or could be simple one? Would it be based on user requirements (like make a quetionnarre and that information can then be entered in a database?
  5. no it was a simple one. It's going back a bit but if I remember rightly the spec just says they have to be able to get information from a local database. They don't have to create it, just extract info from it. I gave them a list of things to extract and produce reports on - it was all related to the overall scenario though. If you PM me with your email I'll send you my resources. However I remember this unit taking ages so if you've not started it yet you are going to have to get a move on to get through it.
  6. Thanks for your help! My email is sanjika@ntlworld.com I would appreciate any help. I have started this unit and am on task 3 (Database - local and on-line one) and there are 7 tasks in total so I am hoping it will get finished on time. I only want to make sure I do it right as this is my first time ever doing this.
  7. OCR gives 3 scenarios and I gave all three to the students to choose from, most of them have chosen holiday and theme park. Is it possible to see the database you have created?
    How I am approaching it is by making 3 tables, student, holiday prices and may be a 3rd table with other info such as holiday type etc? Then make some queries and reports
    Have you done any other assignment (OCR)? What are the main changes in the spec? I can't remember any major changes though!
    I will go and read examiners report. Thanks anyway!
  8. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I don't teach this spec and have no familiarity with it, however this structure that you seem to be suggesting appears to be fundamentally flawed. Are we talking about students booking holidays?
  9. The OCR Holiday Project for this unit looks very much like the project we have been doing for a few years now!!
    I guess great minds must think alike!! [​IMG]
    A good place for constent update and discussion about Applied ICT is the community email, if you ask a question it gets sent to everyone that is registered to it and you can have an almost instent response to it
  10. Yes, the database has to be about finding out different tyoes of holidays for different prices for students who wish to go to resorts in Europe (there are 5 resorts students have to research)

  11. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Slightly off topic but we have just has our unit 2 results back and they look awfull I have heard comment that there seems to be no reasoning behind some of the marking and we have good students doing badly - anyone else having this experience - may be looking for another qual next year.
  12. By unit 2 do you mean the exam or the GO42 coursework? Ours did well on GO42 but dreadful on the exam - students who got an A on coursework were getting U's on the exam!
  13. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Nope I mean the exam - OCR need to get this in order its mad how can A grade students do so badly in exams. Applied ICT is putting itself out of the market by making it impossible for good kids to get decent grades because of a mad exam!
  14. Even we had the same awful results the highest marks being 60 and about 8 Us, 3 E, 2 D and its been a blow to the top end students. Most of mine will have to resit in May 2010 I am feed up of it all!!
    Anyone doing Unit 3 assignments from OCR can you share anything ie the database or any other resource. I have the sample, but its hard to find relevant info from public websites. What info are you looking for in these websites?
    Any help?
  15. Just teaching this unit for the first time and compiling a database on Universities does anyone have an example database that I could look at. Your help would be much appreciated.

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