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AS Media Taster in 25 mins

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by fluffyhandbag, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hello my media luvvies
    Yep it's that time of year again when my brain has melted and I'm all out of ideas...
    Like so many of you it's the time of year where we media and film teachers have to deliver an AS Media and Film taster lesson to prospective 6th formers (in my case student's who've never done media before)
    Usually I have ideas, but this year the two hours I'm given (one for Film one for Media) have been condensed to 3 x 25 mins lessons, one focussing on AS Media(OCR ) 1 focussing on the OCR National and 1 focussing on Film Studies (WJEC)
    Number of students expected to attend and a reduced time to teach, pretty much rules out any techy based lessons, it also rules out lesson's where I have time to do a group project, short films, digital storyboards etc.
    Would any less brain melted media teacher than myself, be willing to share an idea I can use, with limited time,limited resources and big pupil numbers .......
    As always thanks in advance to those who respond, your thoughts are always welcomed
  2. I would like to help. Is it in a lecture style room? What resources will you be able to use?
  3. Any suggestion for an exciting lesson for an inspection-AS students about to start Representation and A2 about to finish up CSI so should be focussing on exam technique etc

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