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AS Level Fair Trade revision

Discussion in 'Geography' started by e26, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. e26


    Hi, was wondering if any lovely Geographers could inspire me on this bank holiday weekend.
    I've got an interview at a 6th form college next week and have to teach a 25 min revision lesson on Evaluation of the role of fair-trade in reducing global poverty.
    Never taught it before, only briefly at yr 8 level.
    They use Edexcel syllabus, will be a class of 25.
    Any ideas? On content or activities?
    Emma x
  2. Dear Emma
    This may be a little late for your interview lesson - hope it went well!
    In reply to your fair trade request, and for any others interested in finding out information on this topic, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)'s website, Geograpy in the News has a Q&A on fair trade in the 'Ask the Experts' section.
    Dr Ann Le Mare, a lecturer from Durham University has written a series of responses to questions on fair trade and the impact it has had on various communities.
    Dr Le Mare's interview can be found at the following link and is accessible to all:
    Eleanor Ashton
    Web Officer: Geography in the News


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