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AS Level- AQA- 'Abigail's Party'

Discussion in 'English' started by englishteachervee, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I'm also teaching Abigail's party. I'm putting a SOL together as I go. So far, I've focused on AO4. Have looked at lots of comedy clips from the 70s- discussion of what a 70s audience was used to and expecting.
    Key questions so far:
    How is Beverley a comedy character?
    How does Leigh use comedy to highlight social issues?
    Discuss the audience reception of the play now and in the 70's
    How far wold agree with the idea that Angela is the most signiicant character in the play?
    Are women funny?
    Why have a double act?
    Discuss how Leigh holds marriage under the microscope in Abigail's party.
    Have discussed the conventions of comedy- most recent homework was to create a mind map of the conventions of comedy and find 10 examples in the play.
    Also watching the Alison Steadman version via you tube.
    Hope this helps for now
    V x

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