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AS feedback log for students? Any advice

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by pipipi, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    I'll write something and post it on resources then.
  2. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    I agree PaulDG.
    I wanted to leave enough room for a kid to write where they struggled. Mayb enough room for me to add that its surds or they went wrong on a negative sign.
    After quite a few weeks they'd have a record of where they keep going wrong? So one kid's record might be that they keep going wrong with negative powers, or with surds, or sorting out qudratic formula.
    Just trying to give them a record of where they keep going wrong. And having it written on all sorts of homeworks is rather disconnected, I want my comments in one place, but I want the kids to be in charge of organising it, but I want to give them the basic framework.
    I'm not explaining it very well I'm afraid. But I'm not sure exactly what I want either probably! Thanks for your consideration!

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