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AS Elizabeth OCR

Discussion in 'History' started by cewilson2011, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I teach AS Elizabeth at the moment and it is my first year. I am really struggling with trying to get the kids up to an A from a B//C. The use of modes confuses them and OCR's advice is limited. How do you get them to structure their essays? Any advice on what you do to help the pupils access all areas of the mark scheme would be much appreciated.
    Really hope someone can help!
  2. Hi,

    We have done this for a couple of years and have some quite good stuff, last summer we had 100% A-C on this paper with two full marks. If you want to message me I can send you some files etc and give you longer advice. I agree it is really difficult and you need to get the kids practising over and over on using modes...
  3. Any help with exemplar files etc. would be greatly appreciated.........
    Please email them to me at:

    Many thanks.

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