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AS child won't stop tearing EVERYTHING- help please!!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by GeorgeFriendly, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Giving him permission to tear certain things (say, a stack of scrap paper) at designated times in the school day may help. He'll receive this special time as long as he doesn't destroy other property during lesson time. If he's very young, it may be better simply to remove all temptation and make sure all staff are aware of his target.
  2. I have had several children who rip everything, agree with the above poster, find something he may rip (catalogue is good) keep it where he may get it easily, everytime he starts ripping hand him the catalogue. You will be surprised how quick he will learn; the next step is to have a tough book that interests him and sit with him to 'read' it. Every time he starts to rip remove it and give the catalogue. You will get there!
  3. I work in a special school and have had several children who have ripped tons of stuff! Agree with the above poster, as ripping is so important then allow him something he may rip, a catalogue is good, keep it somewhere where he can get it, if he starts to rip pass him the catalogue, saying quietly you need your catalogue (or whatever). If possible do not react when he rips things you really mind about, otherwise the cause and effect of the scream of horror will just encourage him. You will get there, though the sound of all your careful work being destroyed in one rip is a test for the patience of a saint!

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