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AS Applied Performing Arts (Edexcel)

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by MrsLiz, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td class="post">Does anyone else have any 'interesting' results for this course? Specifically for Unit 1. We have had very minimal adjustment for units 2 and 3 but Unit 1 the marks have been slashed by half!! Some of the comments on the moderator report seem inaccurate and unjustified and others just wildly ridiculous. This has resulted in grades for that unit dropping anything up to 4 grades; with a related impact upon overall grades.
    Would love to hear of any other experiences, good of bad, for this course whilst I try to figure out a) what went wrong and b) what to do next.
    Thanks, frustratedly!
  2. I have replied on the drama forum - let me know if this forum gets any useful response.
    Thank you.
  3. Yes we seem to have a similar problem this year but with A2 P arts. Unit 4 results radically reduced - I have never had this happen before with this unit, usually candidates achieve 100% - can not understand what went wrong this year???
  4. After sifting through the marks today, there is a pattern emerging. A pattern that shows the moderator has taken marks off for example Unit 4 any mark we gave between 60-44 had 6 marks deducted.
    Some unit 3 marks had 10 marks deducted.
    I understand the moderation process, and I understand marks can be changed (they never have in past years) but what I am objecting to (through ask the expert) is that fact that the moderator's report does not support this decrease or explain whu suddenly marks have been changed.
    I am now in the position that I do not know 'how to mark' next year's work!
  5. I have been sent the following reply, which does explain it a little:

    Hello Andy,

    Thank you for your e-mail.
    Although your centre marks have been brought down by the moderator, may I ask, have your candidates received the grades you expected? As the revised specification brought about revised grade boundaries.
    If not, I suggest an EAR (Enquiry After Results) which would include a new report from a senior moderator.

  6. (will post this on Drama forum also)
    Thanks for all your responses - I am still trying to marry up the comments in the moderator's report with the portfolios in front of me - there seems to be very little correlation.
    The only pattern I can see for Unit 1 is that the marks have been halved - indiscriminately it seems. And it has had a big impact on the grades they have received.
    I wasn't aware that I could 'ask the expert' about this - may try that although I'm not sure what I want to ask (other than WHY??!). The bit I don't get is that our Unit 2 marks for the same students, work set, delivered, marked and moderated by the same staff has only been adjusted by between 3 and 6 marks. Bizarre. The comments in the report just do not relate to the more able students. I don't know, I am just sooo frustrated. Anyway, at least I know it is not just me and that I may be able to get some further information from a senior moderator report.
    The worst bit was the look on the students' faces when they opened their envelopes. And from the feedback I've had so far from Edexcel - I don't know what to tell them to do in order to improve.
    Any guidance on what I could 'ask the expert' would be gratefully received!
    Will keep you informed of any developments.
  7. Hello there,
    We have had very odd results for all of our Performing Arts course and seem to be in exactly the same position as you - not knowing where we went wrong and not knowing where to go next in order to improve. All of our students received at least a grade lower than they deserved, both at AS and A2.
    It is good to hear that it is not just our centre - although so frustrating that we are all in this position. I really believe Edexcel have got it wrong this year and as a result students have missed out on university places, and even if any adjustments are made this cannot be rectified.
    Also out of interest - did anyone have an odd experience with a moderator? Ours was not too sure what was going on and did not always know which students were which when marking practical work!?!
    Hope this all gets sorted out!

  8. We had a bit of a strange experience with our Moderator. She was basically rude and terse and completely uncommunicative. I understand that they aren't allowed to discuss marks with us, but surely that doesn't mean they don't have to speak at all! She was even very abrupt with the students prior to their practical exam - none of the putting them at their ease that we have from other boards. They basically decided she was a completely miserable b***ch who was unlikely to appreciate ANYTHING they did. She didn't even applaud at the end of the pieces!
    No need to be rude and unpleasant, no matter how 'serious' the experience ought to be, IMO.
    I really wish that AQA did a version of this course- to follow on from the GCSE one they do. May have to suggest it again....
  9. Here is my reply from Ask the Expert.

    As your concerns are for one unit (Unit 4), may I suggest an EAR (Enquiry After Results) which involves a member of the senior team re moderating the work and will provide a new report with detailed feedback.
  10. After being moderated down for Unit 1 the most, I am looking for any help / advice people can offer me with this Unit?
    Any paperwork, proformas, ways of structuring the unit etc etc
    I can offer (for what it is worth) anything on other units in return!

  11. Hello Liz,
    Am still reeling from an absurd set of marks for out centre for Unit 3. One girl, who has 11 A*s at GCSE and 4 A's in her A/S sat this year was awarded an E! We are astonished, baffled and at a loss where to go forward. The result is inexplicable. I am not sure I can carry on delivering this ridiculous course.
    Any comments would be welcome. Help. Our centre and students are in a state of bewilderment. The only path is the appeal route, but confidence in Edexcel is so low, one wonders if it is worth bothering.

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