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AS/A2 Music Scheme of Work

Discussion in 'Music' started by foxys_folk_faced, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. foxys_folk_faced

    foxys_folk_faced New commenter

    Hi all
    Does anyone have a scheme of work for AS/2 music old or new?
    Could do with seeing one to base mine around, is the first time I will have done one
    Any help welcome!
  2. natalieaa

    natalieaa New commenter

    Which spec?
  3. Oooh me too!! I'm teaching AS level Music Tech and AS and A level music (both edexcel) from Sept, going in as an NQT and am unsure how much depth to plan in and how many references each lesson should make to the exam spec? I.e. do you teach one aspect or two or three during a lesson?
  4. I've taught independant lessons before to cover an absent teacher, but not whole sequences of lessons. My e-mail add is catrinhaf@googlemail if anyone can help in any way?
    Thank you in advance!
  5. Yep - me as well. Starting Edexcel next Sept - not taught it for years. Did a taster lesson where two out of three students did not know what a triad was!. I think harmony and theory are going to be our big problems.
    Is there anyway we can all pool resources?
    Is there another forum out there for Edexcel support? Could we make one on MSN or something?
  6. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    If anyone wants to Email me I can send you some of my AS/A2 music EDEXCEL stuff if you like (hanatraves@hotmail.com)
  7. Hi folks,
    not sure how much help this is but I am looking over/renewing planning next year for new edexcel spec. This is what I am doing...
    Getting to know spec very very well. Usully do this by reasding and highlighting important points then creating a breif guide to the spec for prospective students. Then do a more detailed spec togive out in sept [including details like how long performance is, how to choose music, composition topics, pieces we'll be studying etc. I have completed A2 and nearly done AS is any body wants them email at the bottom]
    Decide on internal deadlines - when will all work be complete [pre 15th May] when will composition drafts be completed, mok exams, practise performances etc.
    I am developing an 'induction program' this year to bridge the gap between GCSE and a level.[we are 6th form college so all studetns different] This will be the first half term and will cover: music theory [notation, scales, keys, etc etc], how to use sibelius, an assessed performance, and the students giving a presentation on a song they liek t assess their appraisal skills.
    Then consider structure of the week - do you want to do lesson a week on each unit etc, or concentrate on composition, then performance etc.....
    I usually do 10 mins listeing every lesson as it is a skill to practise, then do topic like 'cadences' but refer to cadences in setworks and do composition tasks round cadences etc. Later in the year we concentrate on given composition breifs and study setworks as a whole. Perfomance ticks along the whole year and students perform in class/concerts etc as practise [find time is precious so do practise performances in lkunchtime concerts to keep class time free]
    Then get a table with the weeks marked on and [easiest on computer] muck about with where to put everything untill it works out for the above.
    This is my 4th year teaching and its possible the first year i feel more confident about how long thisngs take to complete. SOW are working documents and chould be revised as your sudetn mae progress anyway. Plan your outlines [dates and what students nedd to have dont] but keep detailed planing flexible....

  8. i the t

    i the t New commenter

    hi mossycow,
    thanks for that info.
    i'm starting edexcel as/a2 for the first time in sept and would be over the moon about any schemes or other docs if you could send them my way.

  9. Hi Foxy
    Did you manage did get a scheme of work for AS/2 new? If so can you send a copy my way if possible please.

    Thank you so much [​IMG]
    Ping Ling

  10. Hi Mrs Music
    That would be great if you can send me some of your AS/A2 music stuff. I've never taught it before and a scheme of work or anything would be fantastic!
    Ping Ling

  11. As I mentioned further up this thread - I'm starting to teach both AS and A2 in September (Edexcel) and would be grateful for any tips, material, suggestions people may have!
    Thanks so much in advance!

    My email is rioja_girl@hotmail.com
  12. I have emailed you
  13. please could I have a copy too?


    Many thanks.
  14. Hi all - I have created a working group on facebook for all us EDEXCEL A level music teachers to get together and share 'stuff'....I havent learnt how to send a link - but if you have facebook - then the group is
    EDEXCEL AS/A2 Music working group
    send me a message on the group with a little note about who/where/what you do and then we can get ourselves up and moving....
    Feel free to read my profile on TES community

    hope to see some of you there soon!
  15. Hello!
    Am in the depths of SOW and planning and have looked for your group. Unable to send a message but have requested to join.
    Its Kerami
  16. Hi ther e- I have accepted you onto the group now...
  17. Hi Mossy,
    The advice in your post was very useful. We are just starting at our school, I had to make the decision that the students on the course were not up to Music AS and made the leap to teach tech. They did okay but as the decision was made relatively late in the year, they could have done better otherwise!
    As a result, they should now be hopefully continuing to a2 and I have a few candidates for AS this year.
    Any help you could give would be gratefuly apreciated.
    My email address is: andrewdavies15@btinternet.com
    Yours in anticipation,
  18. Hi Kitten74,

    I have requested to join your group on FB but can't send you a message.

    Having a disaster at the moment as I've had all the anthologies and CD's delivered to my new school but the CDs have gone missing over the break. I have a feeling they are been picked up with the new computer boxes installed in the room and thrown away, but I'm hoping they will turn up before I have to teach next Tuesday!!
    Does anyone have a powerpoint with the outline of the Edexcel AS/A2 that they would be willing to share, it would be a fantastic help!?!?
  19. Hi, I would be very grateful for any resources you are willing to share for A2 and AS. I find myself teaching KS5 and my training was originally middle school.
  20. Could i have a copy of any schemes of work etc out there for A Level music/music technology. I would be very grateful. My email address is gary.upton@gmail.com

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