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AS/A Level results.....

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by tooyoung1, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi All!

    Just seeing how ppl did in other schools?
    We were massivley delighted! (if a little worried we had the reults of 'clever kids' form other schools!!!!)

    Hope you all got what you wanted for your students x
  2. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Yes, pleased with our resutls too - OCR Phil and Ethics. I suspect next week and GCSE may be a different story though!
  3. Completely agree- spoke to the HT today and had a conversation that went a little like this "thanks for the compliments about the AS/A results...next week will be a different ball game".... I fear form my OCR GCSE kids....
  4. jerseyperson

    jerseyperson New commenter

    Same here. I'm with AQA for AS/A Level and was thrilled with the results. 5 of my students (out of 14) got 100% on the Ethics 2. But my heart sinks when I think about GCSEs next week...I hate that about OCR. You just have no idea how it's going to go. I fear wednesday night will be a sleepless night.
  5. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    I'm the same, dreading OCR GCSE - no idea, it seems far too subjective!
  6. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Dreadful we should all feel this way but I'm not going to re-start my rant! I have spent holidays writing new POS for y10 in Spetember with AQA. Poor old current y10s are going to have to stay with OCR I think. (unless Thursday is a total train wreck) so that's 300 entries a year OCR are losing and I know I'm not alone. Will be in touch Thursday and look forward (?) to hearing how you all got on.

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