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Arts Festival

Discussion in 'Music' started by branden, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. branden

    branden New commenter

    Hi friends,
    One of my perf mn'ment targets is to run an "arts festival" type event. Will be relatively small scale as this is the 1st year - I want to include art, dance & drama depts too, but that's where my creativity runs out!!
    I'm toying with buildiing it around our respective curriculums - but needless to say, they don't really "match" too well.
    If anyone has done something like this, could you share any ideas - including pitfalls?!
    many thanks
  2. we did a ks3 perfromance evenings based upon a common theme we had all been teaching to showcase the pupils work and we also combined the different arts in each year group, So we looked at theme of Africa and pupils composed their own African music and performed with some pupils playing instruments they had created in art lessons and also music to accompany dances with pupils wearing masks created in art. Story telling in drama again accompanied by music frrom other pupils. in year 8 looked at blues music and had groups perfromig their own blues songs, in drama looked at slavery
    KS4 we did a musical theatre style eveing where they combined music art dance and drama to perfrom scenes and songs/dances from musicals
  3. Yes, yes yes! There's so much potential for combining subjects. We recently did a combined project week of art, music and reading. It was a total success! We were lucky that all staff could imagine something appropriate to fit in though.
    The relationships between staff souldn't be underestimated in any project. If you're enthusiastic, the kids will pick up on it.

  4. Have inboxed you.
  5. Firstly, It should not be down to you to work out what the dance, drama and art activities will be. I it was another subject leader being asked to run this, I would certainly be affronted if I was simply told what I was expected to contribute.
    So you need to involve these respective members of staff and I suggest you arrange a meeting and come up collectively with a theme. You should also check the timing of such an event as these staff members might perhaps have other things happening - coursework deadlines, exhibitions, dance shows whatever.
    Perhaps if you started by proposing a theme to link the thing together.
    Finally, I do think that this is a very strange performance management target. Are you a head of faculty? Have the other subjects been consulted? It's a great idea but it needs a lot of planning which is a lot of extra work - I do feel my union fingers twitching towards the pages of the work-load agreement which has pohibitions against an increase of work load.
    I wish my school had even one other performing art that I could do this with . . . unfortunately not.

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