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Arthritic knees

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by angiebabe, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. angiebabe

    angiebabe New commenter

    I've had 'bad knees' for years. Never got anything diagnosed but know that added weight has not helped.
    Have started a gym programme of cycle, treadmill (walking only), thigh expanders(!) and swimming. At the mid course meeting I admitted to the gym instructor that I was struggling because of my knees. She seemed slightly puzzled as to why this might be. The advice eventually was to layoff the treadmill and take up the aqua class but to also go and see the doctor.
    This is what I have done. Doc reassured me it was just wear and tear and that it was probably good not to do the treadmill anymore. The aqua class is a joke. The instructor has the worst sense of rhythm I have ever met!! Honestly, I've done aqua aerobics before and have been a keen dancer in the past. She makes us do exercises in the water, mainly leg, that have very little structure other than to make my muscles very painful ie too many of the same exercise for too long (hope I've explained that correctly).
    I've been for x-rays and wont get results until next week. Meanwhile, I really don't want to be taking painkillers all the time (docs advise) but I have to have my right leg straight for as much as possible - sitting at the computer now makes it very painful when I stand up! Also going down stairs is very painful.
    I don't really know what I want done but if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate hearing it. I need to do the exercises at the gym etc so that I can lose weight - which is very slow going at the moment.
    Thanks for reading this post. Help!

  2. Let us know the results of the xrays please

    Good luck with the weight loss!
  3. angiebabe

    angiebabe New commenter

    Will do mag. Feel a little better this morning, have been putting heat bag on the worse one. I always sit with my feet up when watching tv so think this helps too as after I've been on the computer they are actually worse (think technology is trying to tell me something here!).
  4. Sorry it's going so bad for you piglet. Personally I would never go near a gym -too easy to get sucked into trying machines that could do more harm than good-and also not sure about the levels of qualifications the 'instructors' have.
    All the exercises I have had to do both pre and post operative are ones that I can do at home. In fact when I have had physio sessions in the hospital gym the only pieces of equipment we have used are an exercise bike to warm up on and a reebook step, to simulate exercises I can do on the stairs at home. Other stuff was done on a mat and squats were done getting in and out of a hospital armchair (without using arms to help if at all possible)
    As you can see from the stuff above, it's very important for exercises to be controlled-so that you get a chance to build up quadriceps and hamstrings without any lateral pull.
    I would advise anyone to go back to the physio and ask for a list of exercises to do at home -even if they have to draw stick men type ones for you-they should also be able to take you through the various exercises so you know how to do them properly at home. I know when my daughter worked for the NHS when she first qualified, she had a big file of photocopiable sheets for exercising every part of the body-and all exercises were ones you could do at home with very little extra equipment.
    Hope this helps you both
  5. Any results yet Angie ??
  6. angiebabe

    angiebabe New commenter

    Ah thanks magmac - I tried to get an appointment with doc today but failed miserably (see procrastination thread on personnel).
    Feel as though I am walking like an old lady though.
  7. Poor you! The sooner it is sorted the better!

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