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Art/Textiles Technician Qualification?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by maggieDD, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. maggieDD

    maggieDD New commenter


    I have an OU level 4 certificate in Support Learning but I would love to work within the Art/Textiles department of a school. My question is, are there any specific qualifications available for a technician in this field?

    Thanks :)
  2. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Many technicians in Art have some training within the subject . However, every school is different. I was involved in the appointment of an art technician recently and the decision ended up being made on who could show the most initiative and also relate well to children in a support role. I would also hone up your display skills and be able to use and process digital images for display etc. Being aware of the art curriculum is useful.
  3. maggieDD

    maggieDD New commenter

    Thank you for your informative answer :)

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