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Art Textiles gcse

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by chissmith, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Beginning to have second thoughts ...have changed from D&T Textiles... very good grades for years but girls (its a girls school by the way) are not getting on the college courses. All local colleges want GCSE Art to get on to their Textiles course. Will be starting new course September...how difficult can it be; and have I done the right thing!! I am fashion and textiles trained and have been teaching for a number of years, but doubts are settling in.
    Would love to here from anyone who has ever done this and had success. Plus what did you start with in your scheme of work?
  2. Sorry what have you changed to? teaching art instead of D&T? I am from a fashion background and teach art, I would never count textiles as DT but thats just me. There are loads of ways you can deliver textiles as fine art. Is this your question, sorry I didnt quite understand your post.
  3. I teach A Level Art and Design Textiles as my school does not offer it at GCSE at the moment, not from my lack of nagging though !

    The pupils in my school love the subject, they have the option of conceptual textiles or fashion based. ALL of my textiles pupils have been accepted in to Art Foundation college and for some straight in to fashion university courses.

    What things are you teaching? I teach basic skills and fabric manipultion towards beginning of year and then the development of these in to designs and final piece. After 5 years I am very proud to say that my girls have a 100% A*-C pass rate as well.
  4. What is your background? Are you DT trained? if so you might have some problems. DT textiles and Art textiles are different animals. The DT bit harks back to the old days of needle work - but you are too young to remmber that. If textiles is to be any good it MUST alway be under the umbrell aof the Art department. My advice would be to write to the exam board and ask where the nearest centre to you is that offers the syllabus you want to do, ring them up and if possible go and see them and get a feel for the approach, however if you have a good Art Dept in you school they should be able to advise. The course you will do will be much more exciting and stimulating than DT textiles so don't have doubts have confidence in your abilities
  5. Hello,

    I will be teaching art textiles for the first time in September. My new school do not have a current scheme of work. So I am struggling to figure out where to start. Would it be possible for someone to send me an example scheme of work?

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