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Art Technicians

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by citizenED, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I am an art teacher in a small secondary school, ie I am the only person in the department and I am trying to make a case for having some technician help. I would appreciate any responses indicating size of school,type of school and amount of technician time. Many thanks in advance.

  2. In my department I have a full time art technician. It's a small secondary school with about 500 pupils. We do have a fully working ceramic studio which could not operate with out a technician. I think we are luck as a know of many larger schools who don't.
  3. mistybrouhaha

    mistybrouhaha New commenter

    We have about 800 students with two and a half rooms and a kiln room, and a technician who works 2 days a week. Included in that is a bit of yr 13 teaching. We had to fight hard to get a technician a few years ago and it looks like we're going to be loosing him next year.. :0(

  4. We have 5 studios with a 5 hour Technician in a 1,465 student College, 11 - 18 years
  5. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    If your in the NW I need a job and Art Technician sounds like it would be interesting, also happy to give a hand with Graphic Design [​IMG]
  6. The national guidance for a technician in art and design is 15 hours per week. However, this is usually calculated in the context of a 2.5 - 3 person department. The other way for you to make a case is to run some calculations on the prep time you have to put in, over an above normal preparation. Evaluate what activities you do not curently include because you cannot afford the time to complete them, and so ensure you make a case to the SLT based on what you could provide as learning expereinces with technician support, and what you cannot provide without it. Add up the hours based on an evaluation of your planned curriculum and the activities needed over the year and divide this by the number of weeks. It will give you an average weekly requirement. Talk to science and DT colleagues about the allocation they have and what difference it makes to them. Make a similar case. Evaluate the cost of their time in hanging displays and work around the school. This is important to schools. Also, look at health and safety and the cleaning contract on your art rooms. If you have a clay room, it should be cleaned monthly (washed down, top to bottom), tools and equipment maintained safely (tools kept clean and sharp and stored safely), clay and some other materials can be recycled for efficiency and cost. Build a case that includes all these elements.
    Persuade the Headteacher that employing a part time artist/practitioner will help you widen the skills and broaden the provision. particularly if you can get them to hang exhibitions and displays to celebrate students achievement and improve the ethos of the school. Artists are often keen to get such a job to bring in some regular cash.
    Good luck

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