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Art Technician

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by johnnytom10, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. johnnytom10

    johnnytom10 New commenter

    Hi All

    We are possibly loosing our technician due to cuts. Does anyone have any research as to how many schools have access to a technician? SLT have sited that many schools do not have a technician from my personal experience I disagree with this however I am looking for something more formal. Thanks.
  2. pootlecharger

    pootlecharger New commenter

    Our school has just made two of our technicians redundant. One supported the art department part time and the other supported with tech' stuff in drama and with school shows etc. The technology dept however has managed to keep theirs full time! Not sure how this is fair but it has happened. Many schools that I've worked in and know of do not have arts technicians, but they have strong departments with a number of teaching staff in the departments. I suppose it depends on how much support you can get from elsewhere too - TAs/Pupil Premium funding? I think it is likely that they will disappear from most schools due to the financial pressures.
  3. Hawkstone

    Hawkstone New commenter

    I am the Art Tech at my secondary school (1400 students) I work 25 hours over 5 days. We have 2 full time and 3 part time art/textile/photography teachers. No mention of cuts at the moment. The teachers would never manage all the Lesson prep, admin, display, exhibitions and equipment and resources sourcing without a tech. Another local secondary has just advertised for a 26 hour Art tech post. We also have 3 science, one food, one DT, one IT. And one media tech currently. All around 25 hours. However we have lost a few teaching assistants that have not been replaced.
  4. pootlecharger

    pootlecharger New commenter

    WOW! Got any jobs going! I think a lot depends on how good your headteacher is and whether they think it is ok to churn out little robots as opposed to fully rounded creative little people that can think for themselves. Heads like this are becoming rare!
  5. Hawkstone

    Hawkstone New commenter

    We have a good Head luckily who does appear to have his head screwed on.
  6. StartEducation

    StartEducation New commenter

    Hi John, Mael here. I think technicians are often not being replaced. I've been told that if my technician was to move on she wouldn't be replaced. Hope you're well and enjoying hols! Beer sometime soon with or without Paul!
  7. 45collective

    45collective New commenter

    Hello! I am looking for a job as an Art technician. Is it possible to know the name of the school advertising the job position? Thank you, Jenny
  8. TecHKnow

    TecHKnow New commenter

    I'm a technician and I work across on the sci-ency side of things! We are experiencing a similar problem in so far science Technician hours or numbers are being reduced.
    Technicians, alongside other non-teaching staff are the "low hanging fruit", when it comes to cutbacks. Eduation is largely run these days by accountants or perhaps these people have a strong influence over the decision making processes. I recall post made on another forum that i am involve in. I respectable Senior Chemistry adviser was asked, by an accountant, in a school he was visiting "what do technicians actually do?" He continued by saying, why can Professionally qualified teachers not set up the activities/practicals etc., by themselves?
    When you are faced with such blatant hypocrisy as this, you cannot help by take a deep sad view of the future of our profession.
    So my advice here to above is to openly, loudly & strongly support and defend your technician services to senior managers and head teachers. Health and Safety is always a good starting point. Another way is to clearly show the impact on good teaching practices within your department if you have adequate technician support. If there are no technicians about, or if technician support is limited then the teacher will either have to spend time setting up activities themselves, maintaining equipment, etc.,otherwise needed for developing and planning lessons.
    In the.
    A professional, subject technician is worth their weight in gold. Alongside knowledge and experience they work very closely with both teaching staff and subject heads in delivering positive effective student learning. Is that at the core of what we all are doing?
  9. Hawkstone

    Hawkstone New commenter

    Apologies, I missed this reply.
    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
    I think the closing date may have passed.
  10. Sculd

    Sculd New commenter

    I'm Art Tech too, but at the moment i just stopped working, because of a depression, I'm not that happy because, i really want to start my job again, but my doc doesn't allow me to do this... really waiting to the day when I'll be able to start my beloved job again!
  11. Mrs Grumpy

    Mrs Grumpy New commenter

    I've not been on here for ages, thank goodness I'm more or less out of it, but a good technician is worth his/her weight in gold! I had some good ones ... and one or two, over the years who were not very good. I found that good ones showed inititative, and it was easy to make out a case for retaining them / hours / grades to be improved. The poor ones usually drifted off to something else....
  12. Hawkstone

    Hawkstone New commenter

    Sincere apologies. Hand duly slapped.

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