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Art Teacher, been out of teaching now for 1.5 years, IN OZ-no work

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by boyak, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. I am in Sydney, have 6 years experience as a full time art and design teacher in the UK grammar system and have been a HOY for 2 to UK 10 and yr 11. I have been offerered 2 days cover work since applying to over 30 schools for work here in Sydney. Disheartening and demoralising is an understatement. Dont believe the hype unless you subject is in need. If not forget it. Its increadible difficult finding work. Looking in March at jobs worldwide through TES, it was benchmarking 120+ roles in Art teaching alone, an increadible figure, and one I have never seen before in recruitmnet term, but very exciting.
    The reason I write is to simply get confirmation and some reasoning to my concerns of returning to the UK to find work after say 2 YEARS out of sequence as an art teacher.It hasnt felt like long and I suspect the NC hasnt been ammended to much. A bit out of classroom practise, but just like riding an old bike it comes back. I am worried though, I dont want to have to jeopordise my choice of school due to the `time out.
    Anyone experienced in this area?
    Much appreciated

  2. Hi Boyak

    Read "Going back out again...and where?" on this forum. It'll answer your question, I think :)

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