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Art starters and plenaries

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Trendy Art, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

  2. Hi, take a look at the resources on http://www.free-eds.co.uk/art_design.shtml

    There is bound to be some good stuff in there that you could use as starters or plenaries. I like the "Shakespeare vs Britney Spears - what is art?" quiz that's in the Philosopher's Net website in the key stage 4 section.


  3. I absolutely agree. A waste really. often irrelevent. I hate the way some think it is one system fits all. For art and design it is best to do as you say, reinforce learning by the recap, demonstration, explanation as to why they are going to do what they do, ie the bigger picture, then they do the tasks then the consolidation.
  4. If you have simple run out of time, or resources are not working, then I find a quiz, boys against girls, to name arty words beginning with A, then B etc is a good one. Next is good practice before an observational drawing exercise (of a 'trainer/shoe' for instance). Draw 3 boxes then, using pencil, draw a light tone, medium, then dark tone in the boxes. They need to use these three tones in their work. Another is to cut up a print of the artist they are studying. Give each pupil a section and tell them they have ten minutes to extend it, 'in the style of' but using their imagination. That gives you time to get the register done and slides etc ready.
  5. How long are your lessons exactly because I get 50 minutes and I never have spare time for a quiz. I also wondered what you meant by resources 'not working'? How does this happen other than in training?

    The other points you made though are pretty useful stuff...
  6. I agree with what moriarty said earlier, I dont see how every art lesson needs to begin with a task thats completely irrelevant. For me, giving the class an 'art wordsearch' is a waste of time..the students dont see the point either! We're limited for time already, id rather do a demonstration/spoken and interactive introduction/show a few slides on the interactive board etc. Keep their minds on the subject in hand.

    I got a few ideas from that other post though..! Definatly somethings id try with yr7s and 8s.

    That website is useful, cheers!


  7. I honestly think you are stealing my future posts. I agree, never enough time i think in art lessons. The othe stuff was useful however i don't consider them starters at all. I consider them practical things they should do anyway when doing those art lessons.

    Extra tick boxes and assessment stuff i think the starters are, the government have to label everything.
  8. I know it is a bit late from your original post, however, I have just come across this looking for effective art plenaries. I do have an activity that can be used as a starter to focus the children in on art depending on what you are focusing on. I am just about to graduate as a primary teacher and my art lecturer introduced us to an activity called 555. You select a piece of artwork that relates to what you are looking at, do not tell them the name or anything about the picture and ask them to write the first 5 words that come to mind. Followed by drawing 5 lines or shapes that they like/ find interesting and finally, ask them to create these again using different media. once this is complete ask the children to swap books and see if they can identify the lines and shapes in the image.

    Hope this helps

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