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art staff meeting

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by louzee22, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. louzee22

    louzee22 New commenter

    Hi i am new to being the art co ordinator i havre to deliver a staff meeting tomorrow ( only found out today!) Does anyone have any ideas of whats new to art and design also any cross curricular links
  2. Hi Louise
    Tough call! To keep in touch with what is new in art and design and what sort of expectations you should share with your colleagues I suggest you look at the NSEAD website and certainly subscribe to the quarterly AD Newsletter, full of ideas and examples of great practice from teachers across the UK. More info at www.nsead.org
    Still big issues in art and design include assessment and developing progression in skills Oftsed are still concerned with these areas, especially in a subject inspection. Do you have a LA art and design specialist consultant? Someone you can get in to support you or local courses you could attend? If not, look to NSEAD and national programmes that they run.
    Good luck

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