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Art Results (Edexcel)

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by graphicnat, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. graphicnat

    graphicnat New commenter

    Hi all! Just had results back, and they are good. However, I've got one who's missed out minimally and I'd like to get a re-mark. Never had to before...How does it work for Art? I know the forms etc. for school. Anyone done this? Was it worth it?

    Thanks :)
  2. JHWP

    JHWP New commenter

    Yes, I have done it before. In once case, the grade went from a D to a C. In another case, there was no change. If there is no change, then there is a fee, approx. $200 (if international-depending on the exchange rate) Look at the percentage score on Results Plus. If the score is one-three or four marks away from a higher grade band, its worth trying. If not, don't bother. It likely will not be changed. And Edexcel are not forthcoming about why grading might be lower than anticipated, other than a generic follow up report on the cohort.I have had many cases of inconsistency, which is very frustrating.
  3. gb731

    gb731 New commenter

    I'm interested in your post. My daughter's school's results have been heavily marked down (30%). Edexcel have not been particularly helpful and simply pointed the finger at the school, meanwhile the school are blaming Edexcel. Were your results generally on par with your expectations?
  4. juliehoyle

    juliehoyle New commenter

    Odd years, the results were on par, but in many instances, no. Many were at least two grades lower than expected. And likewise, Edexcel was not helpful at all. The school would receive a feedback report, which was generic and would always end with, ..."the school is to be commended for the quality of the submissions." What!!! I had cases where some students did not even complete some of the A01-3 prep sheets, yet those same students came out with the same grades as those who had worked very hard, fulfilled the requirements and were of a better technical standard. Good luck with trying to get satisfaction from Edexcel. I tried many times, as did admin at my school, and we got nowhere, other than a snotty response saying, "all our examiners are trained professionals." It seems to me, that some years, the IGCSE examiners are grading at a more pre-college or A level standard, rather than IGCSE. And other years, it is equitable. I have had some score A's and B's.
  5. juliehoyle

    juliehoyle New commenter

    Let me also add here, it's not just me. When I went to Florida for 2 IB training events, many art teachers said the same thing. And I found these comments on TES: "I have had 2 years of horrific results from Edexcel. (The pupils are not that bad). Two pupils who should have received an A grade or a B, both got a C grade. The rest got lower than a C.
    I have been teaching for 15 years and have noticed that the marking of work has slowly got worse. Marking seems inconsistent from year to year.
    I'm getting really fed up with it all now. I don't really understand what A grade work from a 15 year old is supposed to be like anymore. What used to get an A grade 4 years ago only gets a C now.
    So my question is, do I stick with Edexcel for another year or do I swop and go back to the Cambridge exam, which is twice the work for the kids?
    Ho Hum
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  6. gb731

    gb731 New commenter

    I feel similarly frustrated for my daughter. She excels at Art but can lack confidence. Throughout her GCSE her class were told they were a strong year, a statement supported by the headteacher who is also surprised at the external marking. My daughter's result was good but three grades lower than internally marked. Other kids in her class have dropped from strong passes to Grade 2's and many have achieved 1's. I find it difficult to understand how most of the kids in a 'stong year' can achieve grade 3's and below? It was pretty difficult finding contact details for Edexcel and the advice was generic at best - I don't understand how something so important can be dealt with so poorly by the examining bodies - whilst the school and examining board point fingers the pupils are left stranded and unsupported.
  7. juliehoyle

    juliehoyle New commenter

  8. juliehoyle

    juliehoyle New commenter

    The happy ending for my students is, despite the lacklustre IGCSE grades from Edexcel, they went on to score very high grades for their I.B. art. Students who scored C's and D's with Edexcel, scored 6's and 7's. for I.B. And they were provided substantial scholarships from their prospective colleges to study art at tertiary level. With the Edexcel inconsistency, I really wonder if they use examiners who are actual art teachers in high schools. Otherwise, nothing makes sesnse.

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