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art policy for primary school

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by amaryllis2, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. I need to write an art policy for my school (primary - one form entry)
    Does anyone have one I could look at, or do you know of a site anywhere that keeps sample policies?
    Many thanks
  2. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Contact your LA to see if there is an AST for Art who can advise, or even a School Improvement Officer with experience. The policy should reflect the ethos of your school so you need to start from there.
  3. Hi
    I am an AST in Kirklees for Primary Art & Design-I have recently re-written my own school policies if you would like a copy: Visual Art & Design and Combined Arts Policies.
    Let me have your email

  4. I can send you mine if you let me know your e mail address. I have done an Art one and also DT one if you want.
  5. hi, could you send it to me too please?
  6. I will need your e mail address.
  7. Hi 88hagley please could you forwaerd me a copy of your art policy as I have to update mine and could use some fresh ideas. thank you . My e mail address is kftyson @sky.com.
  8. Hiya Natalie I was wondering if I could have a look at it too. Sorry its just im a bit stuck at the moment with mine.

    Thanks from one Natalie to another Natalie x
  9. Would anybody mind sharing their Art &DT Policy with me please. I am new to the post and there is not a current policy in place.
    Many thanks
  10. Hi

    Sorry I haven't checked the forum for ages and find I have lot's of messages re policy copies, no problem I will mail them on...hope they are still useful.

    Another piece of advice is to join the ''NSEAD Online' group on Facebook there is a wealth of support on there...sorry it has taken me so long to post.

    You could also ask your school to join the NSEAD as a Primary Collegiate member this gives lots of resources, access to training and the useful AD magazine...very reasonable cost.

  11. I have been asked to write a new policy for art which reflects the new curriculum and am new to the post........so would be very grateful for some help......my email is jan.laver55@gmail.com
  12. Hi I also have to write a new policy for art and design which reflects the new curriculum, my email is karenpatient@hotmail.co.uk...thanks
  13. Hi I would be grateful for a copy of your art policy too.. Thanks
  14. I would be really grateful to have a copy too. Thanks in advance. jill.harrison2@ntlworld.com
  15. Hello, I have just had the art policy lumped on me also. I'm coming up short with ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated! samuelwebber1@gmail.com.



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