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Art handbook

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by crimson, May 2, 2007.

  1. sent wrong address, been looking expectantly like a puppy in the hall awaiting their owner's return... it's
    peroxideblonde@hotmail.com not 'blon' like I had typed
  2. peroxideblonde, your email address keeps bouncing back.
  3. Hi everyone, why write a new handbook when there is already a brilliant handbook available through NSEAD? www.nsead.org/publications The book is entitled The Primary Art and Design Subject Leaders' Handbook by John Bowden.
  4. yes but if it's secondary... and we have to tailor them to fit the Whole School Development plan and stuff and Mission Statements and Whole school initiatives for this and that ....
  5. No, it's primary. It is excellent.
  6. no, I know, I looked. Some resources are really limited or specialise in primary at the moment.
  7. Hi Little savage please could I have a copy too im just about to start the role too and would be grateful for any help! thank you very much!! clicky4@hotmail.co.uk
  8. lil savage..you should go into publishing!!
  9. Could you please please please send me a copy of your handbook!!! new to 'running' a dept and trying to write my own. The only handbook i have to look at is about 20 years old!!!

  10. Have a look also at new publication called Teaching Art and Design 3 - 11
    ... its great lots of helpful tips and things look on Amazon for price etc

    Editors: Sue Cox and Robert Watts pub. 2007 so pretty up to date ! Continuum press

    Hope that helps with the Handbook....
  11. Have recently taken on the role of Head of Department and my inherited handbook for Art and design is very thin, any chance of a copy of the one you have discussed? Would be very grateful, thanks
  12. Hi marleymo here,
    just read my own message and wondered why I have no responses and realised I didn't post my e-mail! Any help on the handbook would be great, amanda.gwynne@yahoo.co.uk
  13. Can i to get a copy of you handbook as i have an inspection coming up 4-6th april.
  14. Hi, Would very much appreciate a copy of your handbook too - thanks!
  15. Hi Amanda,
    Did you manage to get a copy of a handbook? My depts is 15 years out of date also, any chance of a copy please/
  16. Dear Joli,
    I have an interview for Art Subject leader after the Easter holiday and wondered if you could be of any help. Would you be kind enough to email me a copy of your handbook so that I can become familiar with the sections you talk about in your post above.
    My email address is ncavill@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you in advance,
  17. HyperBunny

    HyperBunny New commenter

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