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Art Foundation Results Fiasco

Discussion in 'Education news' started by alchemist59, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. alchemist59

    alchemist59 New commenter

    There is an aspect of the results fiasco which has not been picked up by the media.

    Students wishing to go to art college take an art foundation course. It’s official title is Post A-Level Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Level 3-4. It is a BTEC. Good art colleges expect a merit or distinction in order to consider a candidate.

    Students spend the first term on a carousel of different disciplines before electing to specialise, effectively choosing what they will study when they go to art college; Fine Art, Illustration, Photography etc. They submit a final project in their chosen discipline which amounts to 50% of the marks and which provides the basis for the reference sent on to the art college.

    This year, students received notification on April 20th that their final project could not be counted towards their assessment. There is no right of appeal unless 'the assessment was not carried out in accordance with the programme and/or module regulations and procedures'. As these regulations were retrospectively applied, large numbers of students have been disenfranchised. This is scandalous. Students who continued to work hard whilst in lockdown, as they were advised to do, have had their efforts disregarded on the basis that this allows a level playing field. Perhaps more ridiculous is that their best work, the specialism for which they have elected, plays no part in the grade which is the sent on to the art college.

    The FE colleges are just applying the rules and cannot be blamed. Yet another group of students have had their life chances damaged by this clumsy handling.
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