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art focus week

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sahdanks, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. sahdanks

    sahdanks New commenter

    I have to do an art focus week the last week before half term. We are totally off timetable and have to plan lessons around an artist. i have got Jackson Pollock. Has anyone got any ideas for any literacy/ numeracy activities that can be incorporated into the week it would be a real help. I have lots of ideas for art work but i need some other cross curricular links.


  2. what age are the children?
    Do teh numeracy / literacy activities need to be based on Jackson Pollack?
  3. Hi Sarah
    Oh my, quite a challenge. Presumably someone thought that because his best-known paintings are "just splashes" he was an appropriate choice for children? Well, many of the links would have to be (to put it mildly) forced, but if that's what has been requested ...
    What year group are you teaching? The most obvious thing for literacy if you have upper KS2 would be biography (although, be warned, his life was ... um ... interesting and you would need to edit a lot out!). Maybe reading comprehension based on info you have given them about his life? If you have younger children, goodness only knows. Use some of his paintings on the IWB as a focus for speaking and listening activities (e.g. can you see and describe any shapes that look like anything else ... like looking for objects in clouds)? Erm ...
    Maths is easier (again, as I am upper KS2, I tend to think that way) - word problems based on his life (e.g. he was born in 1912 and died in 1956 - how old was he when he died?). Maybe ratio and proportion questions about tins of household paint? Perhaps making 3D shapes from nets using some Jackson Pollock-style paper/card the children have created?
    It's fair to say, this is one of the more difficult bits of "cross-curricular" planning I've come across; overall I would say best to let forced links go and just accept that some subjects do not link easily to all topic areas!

  4. sahdanks

    sahdanks New commenter

    Hi thanks for the reply i have only just seen it as i couldnt find my thread. The week went really well in the end im in year 1 so activities had to be basic. We looked at paintings and described what we could see, looked at where america was and the flag and designed our own symmetrical flag, lots of painting indoor and outdoor, made biscuits and then decorated them in teh style of pollocka nd then wrote instructions for biscuits. Oh and also did work on feelings listening to music and how it makes you feel as pollocks paintings were action led.
    My next challenge is a week on 90's music and fashion!!! im struggling at the moment! any ideas welcome!

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