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Art & Design and Technology

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by katiemaymartin, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. katiemaymartin

    katiemaymartin New commenter

    Hi all,

    How do you assess art and design/ and DT in KS1? Is there something I should be following that clearly shows whether a child is 'expected' or not? Or do you only assess Eng, maths and science formally? Help!


  2. patternandsurface

    patternandsurface Occasional commenter

    Within art and design at secondary we use the assesment objectives to help clarify areas where students can get marks/increase levels etc.

    This is from here: https://slideplayer.com/slide/11945789/

    If assessing a self portrait drawing for example, you might think about:
    how accurate the placing of features are
    the proportions of each area,
    then look at accuracy of shapes of features themselves,
    how is the tone/colour render applied (scribbles or well blended, experimentation with media/paint)
    Use of imagination, what is in the background, child added personal touches like costumes/accessories.
    Use of links to other artists/periods/movements, direct reference maybe Even better would be some direct reference with own personal twist, eg surreal self portrait with branches growing out of head but with realistic looking eyes and nose and mouth.

    Thing is with art I don't like to say a child should be expected to draw or paint this way at this age, because some kids will inevitably find their nich, what their good at in art.
    I hate assessing simply because we do so much of it now that it seems redundant. At KS1 level kids are just getting used to these tools and materials and ideas, no point in confusing them with numbers yet I would think....
    Maybe at KS2, that might be a good time to check up on leveling, and their progression?

    This is all very subjective and my opinion though.
    What do others think?

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