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Art day orgaisation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by wackawee, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Would you like a handout that I made for a course I ran on organising an arts week? If you leave your email address I'll forward it to you. I know you only want to to a one-day event, but it might be useful nonetheless.
  2. Wackawee, I'd love a copy of your handout please - I keep putting off planning an arts week because I don't know where to start!


  3. I would be intersted in having that too if possible! Run 2 art weeks now and looking for inspiration for next time around !
  4. cb52 - I have tried emailing you at that address twice and it has failed both times. Do you have another one?
  5. That would be brilliant for me too if you don't mind?

    Thank you in advance
  6. Hello all,

    I have tried to send emails to all thsoe who have requested that info, but not sure if they are getting through, (ah! technology!) I haven't managed to get through to you, cb52 so sorry about that.

    Just to clarify - these handouts are really about organisational things to think about...processes leading up to event, booking artists, funding etc, so might only be useful if you haven't had an arts week before. I put together and sell packs of Inspirational Starting Points though, if anyone is interested - it just takes the leg work out of the initial stages...
  7. Hi Wackawee, I'd love to know more about your materials please. The art day handout would be good, if you don't mind, but if you have other stuff available please let me know how to obtain it. Thanks
  8. Hello Yowyarlin

    I'll send you those handouts - what is your address?
  9. Hi all,

    I'm truely surprised at the response!

    Is it strange that as well as thanking those who sent ideas that i want to thank all those joining in to ask for help as well ! ! I dont feel so alone anymore: )

    mcmoose Even I want to join in your art week they sound fab! I think something like that will be my goal in a few years - thanks for inspiring me.

    Wackawee i would appreciate your guide notes my email


    Thankyou for all your hard work, i imagine all this fuss is more than you bargained for!

    And a last note to cb52 and anyone else - maybe you could share your experiences/timetables? sometimes its the things you might think are simple that the rest of us art day/week planning virgins might just need!!

    Thanks again to everyone x
  10. wackawee.... please may I have a copy. I am afailing arts co-ord as I keep saying I will organise someone to come in then never finally get there for many reasons i hasten to add so some guidance would be much appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation.
  11. Hi wackawee, I am really interested in your info. I have never planned such a day, so any help you can send is very appreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello,

    Have posted to lolry, 241708 and twinkleclouds. Let me know if info doesn't come through, and I will resend.

    I was just thinking of some of the arts weeks I've been involved with and it really is amazing what you can do with a bit of freed up time in your school year!

    If anyone's interested, we had: carnival, samba street parades, street dance, gumboot dancing, acrobatics, juggling, stilt walking, djembe drumming, mask work in drama, mime, clowning, a three-ring circus show, magic and mystery, sketching, sculpture, willow work, lantern making, animation, visits to art galleries, stone carving, singing in a variety of styles to a range of audiences, a staff choir, silk painting, journal making and writing, video diaries (filmed and edited by children) visiting musicians, collaborations with instrumentalists from other schools, chalk and water painting, model-making, work with textiles, making gigantes, story telling, poetry workshops.....(not all in the same week ha ha!)

    Loads of other stuff, too. There's so much to do...I really want to do a project, which in my mind is called 'The Emperor's Egg' but I'm not in a position to do it at the moment! I've also done some research for arts weeks based on Japan, Africa, and India, but as I say....(!)

  13. wackawee,

    thanks I got the email x

    (are x's allowed? not exacty professional!! - share the love)
  14. wackawee, where could I buy a copy of your inspirational starters for Arts week?

    I am really in need of some inspirational!
  15. Amber J - hello!

    The packs I put together have been for courses so far, so might not meet your needs. If you tell me the type of thing you're after - which KS? Is it cross-currricular? Have you got a theme in mind, or do you want a surprise?!! - I could put something together for you. It would include general information, ideas for arts-based activities, and links/resources. As I say, I just do the legwork and make suggestions - the rest would be up to you. You might be interested in 'The Emperor's Egg' project, I've been working on....?

    If this is something that you would be interested in, let me know. You can email me at hannah@yikes.plus.com

    I am available to do this work for the next few weeks, so the sooner the better! (Bsby on the way!)
  16. Would really apperciate a copy of your handout! Have just been asked to organise an art week, need all the help I can get.


    Many thanks.
  17. HyperBunny

    HyperBunny New commenter

    I'll be planning art week in the spring, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much for the taking the time to send it to people. xx

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