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Art AQA GCSE Results 2013

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by mitcheso, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Expected over 90% A*-C today and was gutted to be met with 69%!

    Yet another boundary increase this year which has not helped borderline students but I suspect at this stage that also all students have been marked down by approx 8 marks. We standardised against similar marks last year and after 11 years teaching I have NEVER had this! The Moderator was the same as last year but came with Chief Moderator this time. How is it fair to pull down a whole cohort after looking at a sample of 8? (borderline grade samples may I add). They never requested additional work to look at on the day either which was mu understanding could happen if they were not happy with the sample. Students whose work was not seen and comfortable in the middle of boundaries have gone down a whole grade as a result! Any advice please? Feel terrible for the students :(
  2. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    The first step is to access and read the moderators report/ feedback form to inform your next step.
  3. I am so glad I have seen this! I too am shocked at the results. I only started at the school in jan taking over as hod. I standardised the work with an aqa moderator yet all marks have been pulled down. I'm really shocked and wish I had more info as to why this has happened, I know how you feel, you just wanted the pupils to get what they deserve.
  4. littlestar

    littlestar New commenter


    I am also shocked over our results. Boundries definitely changed more than one or two marks.

    Affected our A grade students - who all got B's- the sad thing they were miles better than the standard B grades. I feel sorry for them.
  5. co803cm

    co803cm New commenter

    Grade boundaries also changed for the Edxexcel board GCE ... and when I say changed I of course mean moved upwards.

    Last year the grade boundary for an A grade was moved to 74/80 (=92.5%!) ... this year the E D and C boundaries were moved up. To just PASS with an E grade a student now has to score an average of 37/80 (46.3%!).

    What I find so difficult is relating these boundaries to the assessment criteria and suggested marks. Oh well, the economy is in sh*tsville, so I guess grade deflation is now the order of the day :-(
  6. My experience has been exactly as yours. In eight years with the same moderator there have been no issues raised about our marking. Our moderator reports have often commended the accuracy of our assessment. This year, as in your case, marks have been knocked done approx. 5-10 marks. There was no request to look at additional samples during the moderation visit. Many confident C students were awarded D grades and only one student achieved and A grade where we forecasted around 9. I still feel sick about our results and can think of nothing else.
  7. Hey I am sick of aqa, they have messed us around again this year. We do photography/fine art/unendorsed and sculpture.

    Sculpture and photography were great again this year. Fine art the lowest in my career, I am embaressed by the results!

    We changed our unendorsed course to 0CR, we mark in exactly the same way, no real movement we the marks got what we expected.

    AQA moved down massively, I am just sick of them. An agenda every year, apparently we over mark , but I have no info about this in the report.

    Anyone have the same results? The sad thing is a chief examiner was here again this year, so I think an appeal is a waste of time.

    The only thing I think I can do is change to OCR for fine art too.

    Mitchesco exactly the same experience!

  8. We appealed last year, they are stubborn, they don't see the fault of there actions. If the marking is a little out look harder, most of them don't. Also last year there was an agenda, i frrl this year too, they were told by ofcol to make things harder. I am disgusted! I think i will change to OCR for Fine art too, i feel they have been more consistent.
  9. I am sorry to report bobbysingh and any one else that is thinking of moving over to OCR Fine Art that I am with this board and have experienced exactly the same issues this year with the moderation process. Most students at GCE suffered a loss off half to a whole grade. Totally shocking and making future predictions an absolute mind field.

    It seems that all boards are involved in this .Shocking
  10. So relieved to have seen your post I have had exactly the same situation . I have been teaching for 20 years never had any problems with my marks expected 86% this year for unendorsed and received 68%. I keep my past portfolios for a year and compared the cohort no resemblance to last years grades ! At least a full mark down bunching at the b grade and what I would say safe C grades now a D . I have had work requested from the board for standardisation samples last year which I photographed. Using it to compare it would this year only gain a C grade when the board wanted it as a sample of a B last year. I was not asked for any other samples and yet clearly my marks have been lowered. Feel like taking my portfolios to the standardisation meeting and seeing how they would stand up to the sample!

    Feeling very disillusioned after such hard work by my pupils and staff Aqa are too embroiled in government policy and shockingly this involves children and their future .
  11. I am absolutely gutted!!! We expected our lowest in a while at 64% to be hit with 46.9% I can't believe it and just my luck as I will be acting HOD until Christmas. I have to do a full report to the head and governors soon and am going to be slaughtered!! It seems all bar the A*s were affected but the head thinks it was our marking!!! Definitely no chance of getting the job now!!!

    Any suggestions for interventions?
  12. artbinki

    artbinki New commenter

    I'm an aqa moderator. If you really think they have been marked down for no reason, appeal! In my exp, where centres have appealed my marks , aqa has always remarked and the marks gone up. This is the advise I've given to a hod friend who marked with a moderator to get 89% and it came out at 49%! Without seeing extra sets. I haven't checked grass boundaries yet , but they must have gone up. Her moderator didn't ask for extra sets. I think the complaint to aqa from centres must be the fact that not enough candidates work is seen these days. The initial sub sample is tiny .
  13. artbinki

    artbinki New commenter

    Amyfirshaw - get last years grade boundaries and thus years and do comparative

    analysis for slt with a supporting statement comparing the two to make it clear it was not your barking but grade boundary changes . Ask for the moderators feedback form first to see what they said . It should have gone straight to your head or exams officer by now.
  14. Thanks for all your replies. It certainly feels better to know others who have been in this situation. Amyfirshaw - I too took up the new HOD position in January too and so you can imagine why I was so upset to have this situation only 6 months into post. Fortunately my head knows how much we have done to develop the department and is fully supportive. You must stress to your head that you have done no different than previous years so that they fully understand.

    So as an update, I have requested a re-moderation of all the initial samples. Although I am confident that I could easily demonstrate a massive inaccuracy compared to the same samples the moderator passed last year, I am apprehensive about the outcome as a chief moderator was present. I have non idea if that will make the marks less subject to change. People keep saying that they 'stick together' but after just the odd story of marks going up I feel I owe it to the students who missed out on the grades they deserve to go for a (very costly!) re-moderation.

    Fingers crossed. I will keep you all posted how it goes.....
  15. Amyfirshaw - just to confirm all grade boundaries apart from A* was risen by one mark compared to last year.
  16. hi - could anyone please tell me what is the official mark tolerance - as in acceptable mark difference between raw mark and moderated. I believed it to be 5 marks but can find no written evidence to support this. I was told 5 marks was within tolerance at a standardisation meeting once. We have had our small sample knocked down by 4-6 marks. Seems to be engineered! As a result our cohort of 46 (sample 7 cw and exam 8) all knocked down by 5 marks.
  17. Hi - please could you tell me how many marks are 'within tolerance' I can't find this documented anywhere in my AQA materials. Thank you
  18. At the 6th form my son attends studying AQA Art & Design Fine Art, he was chosen for moderation on both course & exam work & was expecting A, received results marked down to a C (139 over unit 1 & 2 with 70/69 split) obviously not happy, spoke to 6th form head & told they would investigate,remark & get examiners report. All his class have been moved down two grades with some Us. Head conveniently left & is no longer there as we waited for news. Found out today from his art teacher that he had been marked as 79/80 for his units so he has been deducted 20MARKS! Moderator was the same as last year and standard of work last year for the A grade was on par with his work, incidentally my daughter got 'high A' in this exam at the college last year so I know what the standards were. Apparently moderators report just says too generous with marking but surely this cant justify knocking down from 79 to 59 raw marks? I am not being biased as its my son but his work is definitely 'A ' quality. As far as I know the moderator didnt request any further samples to look at but I'm not sure how many they did moderate. 6th form hopefully are going for remoderation, so I'm told, but I cant see why nobody seems to be bothering much that marks have been slashed bringing grades down by two levels A to C & D to U's etc. If marking was really that far out wouldn't something be done by the examiners board? Is there anyway of finding out what different areas achieved, btw we're in warwickshire, incase this is a problem with the area?

    The art teacher said moderator didnt say marks were that much out after the moderation & she asked art teachers at another local school to check her marks before hand & they agreed with her marks. Unfortunately they are with different board so we cant compare results. Struggling at what can be done, is there a formal complaint procedure?
  19. Thanks for the feedback guys. My SLT link has refused to allow me to appeal for remarks which is really disappointing. Feeling very frustrated especially knowing that one student can't get into college thanks to a D not C grade! Feeding back to head and governors next week.
  20. October - re-moderation resulted in all my original marks being reinstated. From 46% A* to C to 70%. Fed up with time spent sorting this out, but so very relieved.

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