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art and tudors-please help

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by malibu21, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hi...liking the sound of this project! Were you just going to make the crowns out of card? If you wanted to increase the difficulty level you could try making them out of straws, or basket weaving (?!) wire and mod-roc maybe too dangerous for younger hands. Craft foam is fab also, the stuff you heat to mould it to the shapes you want...that gets science i there too [​IMG]
    The research and design process could be made as advanced as you like however, and if you give the students shiny plastic gems and glitter, and discuss the gory parts of Henry VIII's love of beheadings they are sure to be engaged and learn.
    If I think of anything else Ill let you know.
  2. hi
    thanks, i initially saw the idea in a book but i thought it was a little too simple for a key stage two..i love your idea though, i think i should develop my thinking to be a bit like yours. unfortunatly, i changed my project because i was unsure of it. i did it on tudor portraits based on a trip to the national portrait gallery. i wish i had seen your reply sooner (if i have time i might change my idea lol). do you have any ideas that can help my project on portraits? x
  3. orangepatriot

    orangepatriot New commenter

    Just an initial thought.... you could focus on the Anne of Cleeves portrait by Holbein the Younger, the one which excited Henry about the marriage, but was a rather generous representation of her!
    It might be a good way to explore ways in which we present ourselves, or wish to be presented, and how this might differ from the reality... also the ethics of doing such a thing.
  4. The above idea is fab. Skill wise, my friend came up with a portraits technique that works really well; using accetate and sharpue pens, get the students to trace each others faces holding the accetate infront of the face and closing one eye...you could then add collage materials (tudor related...crowns, clothing etc).
    This site ha a few ideas http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/elem/selfport.htm
    hope this helps x
  5. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    You could have looked at the method used for portraits at the time along with some of the other ideas. Such as the use of grids.

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