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art and dt

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pink sparkle, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. I am trying to re-write the curriculum topic grid for each year group. We are going for creative curriculum based on a hist/geog theme. I have looked at the breadth of study for both and made sure that evything has been incuded, however i am finding it tricky for art and dt.
    does anyone know eactly what should be taught in each key stage for art and dt? At our school at the mo people seem to be covering whatever they choose. would like to say by end of year you must have taught..... but give teachers the freedom to fit them into any of the creative curriculm themes given.
    Hope this makes sense xx
  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

  3. indigo987

    indigo987 New commenter

    I rewrote our school's art curriculum a couple of years ago when we moved to creative curriculum, because we wanted a grid with all the skills in that needed to be covered by the end of the year. I based it on a lot that I found on TES, the only ones I can remember at the moment are www.jeron.je : and http://www.paulcarneyarts.com/
    That has a lot of schemes of work based on the areas of printing, sculpture, painting, drawing etc.
    Lots of people have done this before - I'm afraid I don't have my plans available at the moment - no longer art coodinator! But look at things like
    I definitrly didn't start from scratch, just tweaked the above sheets.

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