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Art and Design PGCE Birmingham CIty Uni 2011

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by lucyjenkinson, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">HELLO</font><font size="2"> </font><font size="2">I am so glad I have finally found someone that&rsquo;s doing the same course. I&rsquo;m also starting in sept on the Art and Design PGCE. How are you feeling about it? I&rsquo;m a mixture of excited/scared!</font><font size="2">Also commuting but from Derby, planning on getting trains and driving to placement.</font><font size="2"> Have you had any paperwork through from uni as I haven&rsquo;t yet?</font><font size="2"> Lucy </font>
  2. That's so great to find someone on the same course!-I'm not sure whether to move or to commute yet! Hoping to decide when I receive the paper work (don't worry I haven't received any yet!) They said they will send some stuff in May and more during the Summer. I am nervous but excited too, not sure what to expect...I'm on facebook if you are?? Maria Cassidy (Loughborough Uni)
  3. <font size="2">Ahh I have added you. I&rsquo;m really nervous about it, going through lots of mixed emotions but also really excited, I graduated from uni 3 years ago and it&rsquo;s taken me 2 attempts to get on the course and lots of voluntary to I&rsquo;m defo ready for it! </font><font size="2">Glad it&rsquo;s not just me that hasn&rsquo;t received any info yet; I was getting a little worried. Do you have any idea of what they are going to get us to do; I know there is some sort of summer project.</font><font size="2">I&rsquo;m going to be commuting from Derby so going to get trains and drive, hopefully there is some sort of season ticket I can get</font><font size="2">It&rsquo;s so nice to finally meet someone on the course</font><font size="2">Lucy</font>

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