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Art Action plan Help!!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Yol72, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. I have just been given the task of writing a draft action plan for my school and I don't know where to start.
    The school has little or no art generated by the children.
    So I feel that we need to go back to basics.
    I have thought of 3 areas to focus on; 1) ordering suitable resources like a range of paintbrushes and sketching pencils, 2) Teaching children the basic techniquess of pencil work, brush work and colour mixing and 3) Applying those skills to cross curricular topics.
    Has anybody got an example they wouldn't mind sharing with me please?

  2. Maybe worth considering display as an area as well as this will impact on budget.
  3. Try budgeting for a scheme called 'Art Express' as well as getting the basic brushes,pencils,pastels etc.
    It is really useful and well put together. It has everything you need to teach art in a Primary school with lesson plans,resource sheets,techniques, objectives,differentiation,assessment,Artist's work,white board presentations etc. Published by AC Black.I have been stuck with coordinating art for the last 20 years because I have a very dubious Art A'level,they must have muddled the exam papers up... and this is inspiring me! Brilliant --maybe the company will offer me a pay check for advertising! The other good one for basic teaching of skills is 'Step By Step Art'by Dianne Williams,Topical Resources, which is not as up to date but is structured well to show progression in teaching art.
  4. Hi.
    Try Bill's Space for Calligraphy help plus many links to informative, inspirational, websites, all with an arty bias. http://billgrant43.wordpress.com/
    Good luck.
    Cheers. Bill.
  5. Thanks Mrs Christmas, will look into your recommendations! :)
  6. Thanks for this Bill, site looks good.
    I definitely need all the look I can get!


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