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Arranging current pop songs for choirs

Discussion in 'Music' started by Firebird123, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. And me too please! Starfluf@hotmail.com
  2. crusell

    crusell New commenter

    I sing with Gay abandon in leeds and we sing arrangements of Born this way, Lady Gaga- commissioned for New York Gay mens chorus , Shine which you can buy as a proper arrangement, stuff by Amy Winehouse. I may be able to get some arrangements, which have been done by our pianist-pm me. I'm working on Don't stop me now, but would be grateful if anyone has done this already.
  3. mmmz

    mmmz New commenter

    Could I also request a copy Dropje and MisterZ? They both sound great. My email addy is mmmz94@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks in advance.

  4. felicitycornish

    felicitycornish New commenter

    Grenade by Bruno Mars works well in a 3 part choir. I put "yeah"s underneath in the chorus followed by "ooh"s and "aah"s and it worked reallly well.

    I also mashed up songs with 4 chords C G Am F - Jar of Hearts, Wherever You Will Go, With Or Without You, Perfect, Don't Stop Believing, No-One. My choir really enjoyed it. I didn't really write a proper piano part so it's not perfect but if anyone wants to borrow it for inspiration they're welcome.
  5. Dear Mister Z
    Any chance I could have a copy? sidney09@fsmail.net.
    Thanks I would be very grateful.
  6. I would love to if that's OK! If it's emailable (if that's a word) could you please email it to me at berksmusic3@aol.com
  7. Should it not be Gay Abandon? I was not sure if was the name of the group or simply a description of the way you sing.
  8. CitiCiti

    CitiCiti New commenter

    Dear Mr 4 chord mash up for Gleeks,
    I would really love a copy if possible. It sounds fabulous!
  9. I've just downloaded the Jubilee Song (just googled it). I'm very impressed as it's already arranged for 2/3 parts and it sounds great. This is the first song I've ever downloaded/bought - I normally arrange my own. Last year I did a three/four part version of Queen's 'Somebody to Love' (akin to the Glee version), and booked an ace electric guitarist for the solo. Please do message if you fancy a copy - it's still very current due to the fab Confused.com adverts.
  10. Hello all!
    Just seen this thread and... Could I also request a copy Dropje and MisterZ? They sound brill! My email address is vicky.matthews@theglc.org.uk.
    Thanks hugely :)
  11. And me please, if you don't mind :)

    Thanks in advance.
  12. Me too please danell61@hotmail.com
  13. Sorry am also jumping on this bandwagon as sounds great - my email is sarahriley08@live.co.uk. Many thanks!!
  14. Muso87

    Muso87 New commenter

    Ditto! Dropje and MisterZ, please could I also request a copy? My email address is chriscromey@gmail.com. Cheers!
  15. I am super late on reading this but please could I have a copy of you 4 chords sow?
    It sounds amazing! E mail is mkg500@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you
  16. Hey am well late asking but could I get a
    Copy of ur glee mash up song. Sounds great! Please could
    You e mail to mkg500@hotmail.co.uk thank you!
  17. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Pleaseeee me toooo! Thanks!!!!
    Appreciate it!
  18. Rockmeamedeus, if it is not too late could you share your arrangements with me?

    Im actually going to use them as a framework for mixed instrumental ensemble .

    Thanks a million , I'm on robbinsj@tcd.ie
  19. Please felicity , inspiration required thanks ! robbinsj@tcd.ie

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