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Arranging current pop songs for choirs

Discussion in 'Music' started by Firebird123, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Firebird123

    Firebird123 New commenter

    Hi everyone
    You may've seen my previous thread about using more current chart music in KS3 lessons...
    I'd like to arrange some current pop songs into 3 or 4 parts for our vocal ensembles to sing in a drive to keep our repertoire fresh and to entice greater numbers to our rehearsals!!
    Has anyone already done this?
    I am thinking about arranging some Take That/Adele/Jessie J/Ed Sheeran...
    Any thoughts (and arrangements!! [​IMG]) greatly appreciated.
  2. midnightoil

    midnightoil New commenter

    By implication, Florian, it seems OK to perform such songs if they are NOT arranged. However, if one legally prints off a song from musicroom.com and a choir performs it with just a piano, is one deemed to have arranged or adapted it since the original accompanying instruments have been replaced?

  3. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Yes - providing the venue has a PRS licence. Generally, the LA provides that for venues such as schools, but academies usually need to purchase their own PRS licence.
    The arrangement will be one that has been approved by the composer, so there is no problem in performing it as published (again, a PRS licence is needed for a public performance). In fact, the vast majority of pop music is published in the form of arrangements. The original full scoring is very rarely made public and, of course, often doesn't exist in notated form.

  4. Once again, I think this a case of just do it. I'm doing Rolling in the Deep at the moment and my arrangement is pretty much as the recording. My Chamber choir have got arrangements of "You've got the love" which is wholly my own and "true colours" which is also mine. I don't worry about the rights to these because I just don't think anyone is going to make a fuss.
    Our accademy does have a PRS license and I have always assumed this covered our concerts.
  5. Firebird - I've done a simple arrangement of Adele's Love Song (well it's a cover from The Cure) - works in 2/3 or 4 parts. I'll send you something if you give me an email
  6. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Whilst Florian is totally correct...
    If any poster has <u>evidence </u>of a school being prosecuted (or even contacted) by publishers for the kind of activity outlined by the OP, then I should be interested to read it.
    I ask this every time that this issue arrises and I have yet to see any evidence that publishers care about this at all. I would not tell someone to break the law, however I have never seen a school teacher penalised for this.
    Please don't post with tales of "I heard of a school near me where the teacher was fired for..." etc.

    Links anyone?

  7. I'm doing a Glee-esque mash-up using four chords and twelve songs. My little Gleeks love it...and so do I! Although it's quite difficult to get them to sing it straight without warbling...I'm working on it...
    D, A, Bm, G.
    Don't stop believing; Firework; Someone Like You; Price Tag; Irreplaceable; Let it Be; Just Dance; I Got a Feeling; Happy Ending; She will Be Loved; Rolling in the Deep; With or Without You.
    I had to be a little poetic about which parts of the original songs I used but they all fit together nicely S1, S2, A1 and A2.
    Good luck.

  8. If you're doing a 4-chord mash up have you come across 'The Axis of Awesome' and their 4-chord song:

  9. Firebird123

    Firebird123 New commenter


    How exciting all this is!

    Of course, I know I need to be careful about copyright etc and I am sure my school has a PRS licence but will double check!

    I would love copies of the Adele arrangement and also of the Glee-style mash-up - will PM you both individually with my email address.

    Firebird x
  10. Firebird123

    Firebird123 New commenter

    Oops - forgot to add also that I have used the Axis of Awesome 'Four Chords Song' in many of my lessons and the students love it!! x
  11. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    The 4 chord song is my best SoW! Kids love it.
    Wayfaring Stranger (Ed Shearen) would be good as a multi part choir piece with a couple of good soloists. My Yr11's did is acapella for the ensemble performance.
  12. thin lizzie

    thin lizzie New commenter

    Any chance you could send me a copy of your 4 chord SoW please? How many lessons do you do it over?
    My email is mrsmusic72@yahoo.com.
  13. Hi all. This thread has made me a bit giddy!! Please could I also ask for your SoW Dropje? MisterZ if you could also send me your mash-up that would be amazing? My email address is starfluf@hotmail.com Many thanks :0)
  14. I'm a bit late in on this one but could l also request a copy, it will be going all the way to Australia.
    My email address is neridakirov@gmail.com
  15. skirky

    skirky New commenter

    Dropje, please could I also have a copy of your 4 chord S.o.W. It sounds great!! My email is sbowskill@hotmail.co.uk Thankyou in advance!
  16. cmf


    Wow, thanks to who ever re started this topic.
    Please could I also ask
    for your SoW Dropje? It sounds like a fantastic idea. MisterZ if you could also send me your mash-up that
    would be amazing? My email address is crisfree2@yahoo.com Many
    thanks :0)

  17. gliss

    gliss New commenter

    Sorry to jump onto the band wagon, but could I also have a copy kfern@hotmail.co.uk. A big thank you:)
  18. MisterZ please could I also have a copy of your mashup!! It sounds great!!

    My email is: Mariegold.wilson@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance


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