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Ark Teaching Training - Secondary Maths

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by yrduohc, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. yrduohc

    yrduohc New commenter

    Has anyone gone with Ark as a schools direct? What were your experiences? What school did you select and were you happy with your choice? Do you get a chance to see how the school runs before you actually start in Sept like a summer school. What if you go for the summer school and decide you want to go elsewhere or even stay?
  2. Iggy_B

    Iggy_B New commenter

    I spent some time working in an Ark school in a supply capacity. It’s very corporate! I was in a primary school, and you taught the ‘Ark way’ in maths and English and it was the ‘non ark way’ in other subjects. The pupils had to wear a uniform that was akin to a secondary school uniform with the ark logo was clearly on display. Pupils worked in books that also displayed ark on the front cover and the class posters were all the same format (with the logo). The rules were strict and punishment frequently handed out. I didn’t enjoy teaching there as it was a tense atmosphere and you were constantly monitored. However they did spend on training. 10 Inset days a year and a lovely laptop/tablet was provided even for supply staff.

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