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Argument in the carpark!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by SleighBelle, May 2, 2011.

  1. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Similar thing happened to me a while ago. I was in Tesco and was just walking back to my car when I saw a car pull into the space next to mine. A femal passanger got out of the back seat and clearly slammed her door into my car; she even caught my eye as she did so but didn't realise, at first, that it was my car.
    She started walking away and I called her back to point out the damage. She claimed it wasn't her and her partner opened the door to prove it - the dent and chip was just below where the door touched my car. I reasoned that if they were both sitting in the car at the time, then the door would have hit slightly lower. She then went off on a rant about how she only weighed 8 stone and there was no way she'd may the car dip that much.
    They walked off and I photographed my car, theirs and took their registration number.
    Nothing came of it. It wasn't worth claiming for. In any case, my car was keyed a few months later and the lovely men at the body shop fixed the dent for me at the same time for free...yessss!
    It's so annoying.
    Just a thought...do Morrison's have CCTV in their car parks? If you report it to the police, can they look at the CCTV for evidence?
  2. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Whilst I agree with this, I also think that the reason people are so rude when hitting others' cars is that they know you ultimately won't do anything because it's too expensive to the driver to make a claim.

  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    You can try your insurance,You won't have to pay for claim as it wasnt your fault, they will take forever though. Someone hit my car and drove off early Jan (luckily witnesses got the license plate), I've only just had the claim settled. It really annoys me how much people get away with these days - I was a witness in an assault case last year and all she got was a tiny fine and a curfew for a few months! flippin heck if I'd known you could get away with so much I might have done a few things that my concious has disagreed with lol. x
  4. Now that I have had a couple of BH drinks I have decided on an alternative suggestion

    Stalk them

    Wait in the car park until they come again

    Follow them home

    Point at them and tell passer-bys that they are bad people

    Stand outside their house at night and howl
  5. Nothing you can do without names/addresses.
    Police won't be interested. A car once went into the back of me. person got out. Said they could see no damage and drove off. Went to police station. They recorded it. That's it. They won't do anything and to be fair, let's hope they're dealing with more serious stuff anyway.
    Sorry. frustrating but that's life. You could've put something in their exhaust? Or written '***' in yoghurt on their car? [​IMG]

  6. I totally agree! My car was broken into, the car radio stolen and my cds taken.
    The police gave me a crime number and that was it.
    Something as trivial as a car door bump in a car park is really not something they will want to be wasting time on.
  7. I know it seems an overreaction to go to the police, but you might want to get in first with your side of the story. A friend of mine was in a similar situation - someone drove into her at traffic lights, driver said there was no damage, no need to exchange details, said she'd rolled backin to them. I think the other driver ended up reporting it to the police and they got on to my mate for driving away from an accident.

    These old biddies might have you painted as a yob who harrasses OAPs[​IMG]
  8. If you want to see them again - for whatever reason - the chances are that they go to the same supermarket every week at the same time. Go stake out the car park at the same time next week. Probably same spot.
  9. Report them, they refused to give details that's a crime. If it was a couple of teenage boys you probably wouldn't hesitate.
    I get a lot of abuse from OAPs as I park in the disabled bays. I do have both a blue badge and a disability but they still tut at me.

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