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argos nursery furniture

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by starcommand, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Has anyone bought nursery furniture from argos? We've seen some at a better price than every where else and its solid wood. Seems silly to spend more than we need to if the quality is going to be fine.
  2. Yep, we've got it and it's lovely [​IMG]
    The room doesn't look like that anymore!! 11 month old tazmanian devil makes sure of that!
  3. thats a fantastic picture, the build quality looks good, how does it last with contact with reality? me and my husband are shopping round and have seen this one and the tesco branded stuff. did it come with a mattress or did you get it separatly? Are the draws sturdy or prone to falling out? can you leave the chest of draws changing table off as my husband really likes the look of the mothercare over the cot changing table.

    thanks again

  4. My little ones room looks almost identical mossop with the I love my bear stuff! We have the argos furniture, i think its great had no problems at all with it. The drawer under the bed can sometimes be a pain as it doesnt always go in straight, not on runners but not caused us any probs! We chose to not put the changing table on, it comes separate. You have to get mattress separate.
  5. Hey, the build quality is good - and after 11 months of continual use, there's not a mark on it (that I've noticed!) .
    Had to buy a mattress seperately, but the cot is a standard size so most places that sell cot mattresses will have in that size.
    The drawers are sturdy and they've never fallen out yet. The one under the bed can be a bit of a pain as it's on wheels and sometimes goes out of line. Not really an issue though.
    Yes, you can leave the changing table bit off. [​IMG]
    Only thing I'd add to the set if I were you would be to get a teething rail for the cot - something like this - my son tends to chew on the bar across the top.
    Hope this helps x
  6. we ddn't buy any nursery furniture due to the astronomical cost. we're using a normal bedroom set we already had and bought a brand new cot bed on ebay from a business seller which is solid wood too.
  7. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Same here... I wondered into Mamas and Papas with a little bump and walked straight out again when I saw the prices! We have a fitted cupboard with clothes rail in our nursery that is great for storage of clothes, toys, equipment etc and already had an open bookcase from when the room was a study. I bought some little wicker baskets to put on the shelves for nappies, sleepsuits, sheets etc and this works really well- everything is out and easy to find but still tidy. We added a cotbed (parents bought this, £140 from babies r us + mattress) and a glider chair and cot top changer, so spent about £150 ourselves on kitting out the nursery. Lick of paint and some decorative bits and pieces made it look lovely.
    I'm sure you'll find a nice range at Argos or somewhere similar if you need a set of furniture. Look out for sales too and end-of-line stuff. Or as spiderkin says, online for second hand/ nearly new- if it hasn't been used much you could get a bargain there. Have fun looking!
  8. happycat23

    happycat23 New commenter

    I havent bought any furniture from argos, seemed to be a lot of mixed reviews on the internet. If you wanted to shop around though i,d really reccomend ikea. We bought some fun kids furmiture, really colourful and will be suitable when shes a bit older too. I know not everyone likes ikea but the prices are very good and the furniture is really good quality. Happy shopping!
  9. Hi, we have this furniture from Argos, but we've been far from impressed with it. Sorry! All the drawers came off the runners, and therefore dropped down, each time you pulled a drawer out. My hubby had to add an extra something or other to each one to get them back in line and keep them on the tracks. The wardrobe doors are wonky and there are gaps everywhere where the pieces don't fit together well.
    From afar it looks ok, but closer and you can really see that it's cheap quality. I was very surprised as the whole set wasn't exactly cheap! The cot is nice, but the main problem we found is that some cot mobiles don't fit on it. The ends are solid wood (no bars) so the mobile has to be attached to the sides of the cot, but the wood is quite deep, so many of the mobile brackets don't fit around it. We bought two and sold them on again, until we found a third one that does fit!
    We only got this because I was adamant I wanted a fully matching set and didn't want to spend Mamas and Papas prices. In future, we'd probably get Ikea stuff (much nicer) and buy just the cotbed from elsewhere as Ikea don't do them.
    Glad you others have had no problems with the Argos stuff though!
  10. I also recommend Ikea- We've just bought some gorgeous stuff from there for our toddler's new big girl bedroom- it is really good quality despite the tiny prices! We have a couple of storage unit things in our lounge too and they're great and have been in use two years or so.
    Our nursery furniture was a RIP OFF from mamas and papas but was a gift from rich in laws, and actually two drawer fronts keep falling off and we've only been using the stuff about a year! Also- there was no teething rail on the cot bed.
    Any furniture I have had from Argos in the past has been cheap and nasty. Maybe I've just had bad experiences though.

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