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arghhh total stress!! interview tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by amyloux, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. I'm in a total panic, I've got my interview for Northunbria tomorrow, and i'm in newcastle for the weekend, however, I've just done a final check of everything and realise I've left one of my college certificates at home! On the interview letter it says we need to take all certificates, and if for any reason we dont have original certificates, then we need to let admissions know ASAP. They will be closed now anyway as its sunday, arghhhhh.

    Should I go home and try and find the certificate, and waste valuable revision time, or stay here and risk going in without the certificates? They probably would interview me still wouldn't they, but it will look really bad that I've turned up ithout a certificate on the day, and never told them like the interview letter said to, won't it?

    :( I can't even think properly now, totally panicking :(
  2. Bumppp :( I'm still stressing, the course was 6 years ago that I got the certificate for so I'm hoping it doesn't matter that much.
    Hopefully they will allow me to take it in after the interview date?
  3. Awww bless! Don't panic!
    Just explain the situation, and promise you'll get it to them as soon as you get home, even if it involves another trip to Northumbria!
    Sure they will understand.
    Good luck tomorrow.
  4. Thankyou, it just looks really bad though doesn't it, I've came home to look for it and I still can't find it, im fearing the worst that ive throw it out. Im going to ring the college in the morning, and see if they will be able to help, I wouldn't be suprised if this totally goes against me tomorrow though :(
  5. If it's anything like my interview the people checking documents are admin staff which as far as I could tell had nothing to do with application decisions. You won't be the first to not bring a certificate. If it is the decision makers you tell then they'll want to know you don't panic! So cool, calm and collected and just explain! Don't try and spin a yarn, just be honest. Good luck tomorrow, you obviously want this, sure you'll be fine!
  6. Everyone makes mistakes! Surely they should understand that, especially as you're going for teacher training and the whole idea of training is making mistakes and learning from them! Could probably incorporate that into your interview haha!
    I'm sure it won't go against you though. I think the only way it would is if you could never provide it (which you can). How long ago did you take the qualification? If you have thrown it away you could always phone the exam board and get the replacement after the interview! Then once you get that you can pass it onto the college! It costs a fair bit to get a replacement though! But I mean if you get a place on a PGCE course it's totally worth it!
  7. Right ok so il be cool calm and collected. Cool calm and collected. *repeat*. Haha, I think i'll be ok, I'm just going to take some supporting evidence that I did the course like pass results etc, then say I can get proof that I passed the course aswell. I doubt it will even matter that much as I have a certificate of higher education from uni, and I needed to pass my college course to get into uni. It just looks bad :(
    I'm going to go back up to Newcastle in a minute anyway, and try and relax. Thanks for your help guys, it's put me at ease a bit :)
  8. Like Possible Teacher said, your interviewers won't know that you haven't brought it until they sit down and shortlist people, or if admin tells them beforehand! It's admin that deals with the certificates, and I think they'll be fine as long as you get it to them at some stage!
    Good idea taking your other documents, shown you've taken initiative and thought it through!
    Best of luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes and pass over some pass vibes! (I have my interview Thursday!) :p x

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