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ARGH! My 7mo is already turning her nose up at meals so that she can gorge on desert!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ellesabe, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. How do we move on from this? I reeeeally want to nip it in the bud ASAP!
  2. How do we move on from this? I reeeeally want to nip it in the bud ASAP!
  3. Do you have to offer dessert? We haven't yet, we don't have pudding ourselves with meals, so haven't bothered to give her any!
  4. No I suppose I don't have to but I'm concerned she's not getting her fill. Today she had a fair amount of lentil and sweet potato stew before she started closing her mouth firmly and resuming her hungry cry. With hindsight I'm starting to think that we may have been a bit fruit-heavy when we started weaning and I wish we had given more veg. Grrrr.
  5. Could it just be boredom? My LO is 8 months this week and was doing the same and I was getting concerned about her liking for everything sweet, so I started just offering her something differently savoury. This seemed to work, although it is a bit of a faf as you have to have two bits ready but I tend to give her the same for tea or lunch the next day or just defrost less if I am taking homemade stuff out of the freezer. Don't get me wrong she still loves a yoghurt but some meals she just has savoury stuff albeit two different tastes :)
  6. My LO does this too. I have managed to turn it round a bit by giving puree, then when she stops giving some finger food for a while and then trying again! It does make for a 40 minute meal time though! I just make sure I have things to do in the kitchen at that time. Alternatively, we just give pudding and then try again the next day. I guess she's not going to eat pureed fruit forever!
  7. Sasha has started doing this too - have been giving her yoghurt and fruit for pud as she's down to 3 milks now... So as of today I gave her a 'starter' of finger foods withcream cheese like rice cake etc to make sure she is getting the calcium etc... Seemed to work but my answer to everything is 'it's a phase'!
  8. From about 8 months my LO stopped eating from a spoon unless it was something sweet and at 10 months she is still the same. She will spoon feed a whole banana or more but only one or two spoons of savoury. However she will eat savoury foods as finger foods so we now do mostly BLW. She has all finger foods for her main course- cheese, pieces of meat, potato wedges, vegetable wedges, pieces of pasta, bread, strips of omelette, boiled veg etc, etc. I tend to give her just one or two things at a time and then add different things as she gets bored. I give her things she eats less readily first as she is more likely to eat them if she has them first.
    To finish the meal I then give her either fruit as finger food or fruit puree. Sometimes I mash a little more of the meat/ veg in with it to sneak a bit more in! So today she had chicken and mushroom mashed in with the banana!!
    I was really frustrated at first that she would eat Ella's Kitchen Beef Stew (or similar) pouches from a spoon but would not eat my own homecooked versions from a spoon!! Then I realised its because the pouches are made to be sweet. I now know that she will eat the ingredients of a stew separately as finger food. Or I have to make sweet versions with fruit in them.
  9. My lo used to, and sometimes still does, go back to her main after her fruit and yoghurt! Strange but it works. With blw you just offer whatever, whenever, and luckily so far she doesn't seem to reject her main meal in favour of fruit. I even sometimes give her blueberries as a starter and she still eats her dinner.
  10. My LO sounds very similar to sauce's. However, we went to BLW for a few weeks then I tried purees again and she was fine with it! I don't know whether it was boredom, teeth, asserting her independence or what but she is now happy to do a bit of both, altho her mood can change from meal to meal so I tend to have a vareity of stuff to hand as a back up plan. She was the same with her breakfast, happily wolfed down Ready Brek for weeks, then wouldn't touch it, however after a week off she is now eating it with gusto again!
    I was wondering about the whole pudding vs main thing too, and have come to the conclusion that she is way too young (9 months) to be denied pudding if she doesn't eat her main. If I let her go hungry, she is unlikely to sleep which won't do anyone any favours! Plus at this stage, the puddings are all full of good stuff, mostly yoghurts and fruit, so it's not like they are bad for them!
  11. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    I wouldn't consider fruit and yogurt to be pudding at that age, as it has no sugar. Fruit is just as important as veg and yogurt as cheese. My LO often has a tantrum at having his first course first, so I start him off on fruit or yogurt first and then he eats his veg and meat etc afterwards! Sometimes he won't eat until he has had a long drink. Perhaps they just like something refreshing first. It's adults that have created the idea that savoury comes before sweet, and LO don't mind at all mixing things up. Don't worry. Anyway, just as you've worked out a solution, it'll all change again. It always does :)

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