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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by matthinchley, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hi, I have been reading through many posts and this time of year seems to be point where everyone seems to struggle.Ditto!! I have no motivation to fulfil the abundance of planning that is required, that aside I do do my planning, day in day out, coming home working stopping only to eat and then go to bed. But I miss the little things, small little mistakes that my mentor picks up on and that I haven't noticed, the depth of my planning has also been criticised.On a positive note, many have told me that I have the potential to be a very good teacher (of PE)!!!I was told today following a bodged (not on my part) formal uni observation that I need to go home, switch off, chill out and not think about any work for a good few hours. I'd love to be able to do that, but I constantly have something to prepare finish, think through.How do people get through this feeling/stage and progress through the last stages of the year, without becoming absolutely demoralised, exhausted and fed up??

  2. rainbow_gold

    rainbow_gold New commenter

    i wish i knew, please let me know when you have the answer1...:(
  3. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    Hi! i would just like to say that i feel EXACTLY the same way you do! Feel like i am doing everything to the best of my ability, and sometimes it feels as though it is not enough!! Came home today not happy at all, had a bad day. So just to let you know your are not on your own!! i am counting the days till half term. Just keep going!
  4. As someone who was in this situation and has came out 'the other end', all I would suggest is to keep your head down and plough through it. If your mentor asks you to do something smile and nod (if they ask you to jump, you ask how high).

    Remember to always smile and look like you're in control - even if you feel a little out of your depth.
  5. amarantine

    amarantine New commenter

    I feel exactly the same! Last night I had no lessons to plan and was really pleased because I thought I could get down to the gym, then just chill for the evening, maybe do a little bit, but no, there was marking to do, records to update and jobs to apply for - there is never time even to breathe is there?!
    I've been making sure I have one night off a week - for me it's Fridays - where I socialise, drink wine and generally relax, and it seems to help!
    Maybe you're so hung up on getting everything done that you've kind of got yourself into a bit of a rut? You're so focused on getting the work finished that you don't necessarily notice the bits that need a bit more attention? I may also be miles off, but I found myself doing this the other week!
    How much time do you have in school to do work? I spend every single free I have marking, planning and generally sorting stuff out, so I have less to do. I got told I needed to sort out my work/life balance, in that I actually need to have a life, so now I make sure I only take one task home with me of an evening. Sometimes it means I'm at school til gone 5, but it also means I don't have massive piles of work to do in the evening, which is nice!
    Hope some of this helps, I think we all feel a bit like this at the moment!!
  6. lisavicky

    lisavicky New commenter

    Welcome to my world! A lot of us are like this and can't see the end, I've had two not brilliant terms and experiences and seriously thought of walking but I know when I'm allowed to do it on my own I'll get it. Half the problem is making it what they want because of the constant tweaking advice you're given and therefore you don't learn it for yourself so it doesn't stick. Experienced bods also forget just what mistakes they made and if you observe them the mistakes they still make. I also had a disaster of lesson and told to go home etc. easier said than done. My strategy is to use more resouces from books, teachers do this a lot more than they let on but often dont show them to us. I've splashed out and also bought some materials, anything to get through and I've found someones elses mid/long term planning to look through so I know I'm on the right track. Ask your mentor to go through exactly how they would plan and resource one specific lesson and ask lots of quesitons, they'll realise you're trying. Good luck! There really is only less than three months to go and you just slog on one day at a time (with wine on Fridays!)


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