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Arg - anyone esle struggling to mark their mock exams (OCR)

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by san38, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. san38

    san38 New commenter

    New OCR B spec - first year of entry -don't know what the hell I'm doing and I went on the course! Really feel we need to change boards - it's OK for them to say we need a non-formulaic response but that means there's no formula for marking either. I really have no idea what level anything should be in - and judging by the mess that were apparently last years' results I'm not alone.
    OR maybe I am! Any advice most welcome.
  2. Hi - I am in the same positiion with my year 10 classes. We did an assessment on one part 5 part (1-e) question on religion and equality. We did the old spec last year aaaand this is the first year of the new spec for us. I am involved in Resilence and so luckily for mr the mentor is an examiner for OCR and helped me so much. Anyway here is what I was told. Part a - c is point marked so very easy to mark (1, 2, 3 marks for each question). The part d is 6 marks and is response marked. I just used the mark criterea on the website OCR to help and when I got in tp the flow it was n't too hard. Part e is the tricky bit as it is 12 marks. Again I used the assessment mark scheme which is a levelled response with the corosponding marks next to it. For the kids to help them with this challenging question get them to draw a stick man with a Bible in his hand and a circle at the bottom of his body. Draw holes in trouusers Then give them bubbles of statements to complete.
    I think because.....
    Some Christians think because....
    On the other hand other Christians think...
    The Bible says .. so ....
    One of the holes in the argument is...
    My gut feeling is ....
    Others mights think...
    In conclusion I think.....

    This helped mine to draft the question out and then write in neat. As for the marking the whole question is out of 24 I then just doublds this out of 48. 48 is the mark for the full paper (one hour).
    A* 85%
    A 75% (38 out of 48)
    B 65%
    C 55% (27)
    D 46%
    E 30 %
    F 16 marks out of 48

    Hope this helps. message me back if you want any further help
    j x
  3. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    Have you purchased any of the revision guides yet? The one with the chicken and egg has been published. In the back section there are some great model answers to get an idea of what they are looking for. I have started to write them onto ppts for use in conjunction with unit tests.
    Otherwise, for part e questions, I generally tell kids that they cannot get above a level 2 if they don't offer more than one point of view in an organised way. There are some mark schemes appearing on restuff as well that are partcularly useful. I have a part d +e scheme that was emailed to me if you want. PM me with your email address and I will forward on.

  4. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Thank you both very much. Don't want to worry you matryoshkadoll but when I went on an OCR course last month they said that the model answers in that book weren't very good and misrepresented what a 'good' answer looked like. Hence, my stress! The whole course I attended seemd to be people moaning about resources, marks last year and I still came away feeling 'er....' .
    Thank you Jessie - I have seen that stick man and used him in revision. The trouble is my kids have stll ended up giving a Christian view, often another christian view and then their own view. It is hard to know if this can constitute 'a range of points of view supported by justified arguments/discussion' (L4) or whether the kids have to specifically comment on each point of someone elses that they raise (if you can follow me!). I really feel that the levels are not specific enough for a section that is worth this many marks where there will be such a range of responses. Oh well... back to my 200 exam papers and the hope that I'm not too far off the mark. Thank you both for taking time to respond and Happy Christmas

  5. Remember too that unless students specifically refer to religious teachings (not necessarily in word for word quote form, but certainly recognisable as a religious teaching!), then they cannot get above a L2 (6 marks).

    They way I think when I am marking the questions, if a student has given a couple of points of view (and their own) in some depth, backed up with religious teachings and used technical terms then that is heading towards the top of L3 (9 marks). I found using the example answers on the OCR website really useful to show that for an answer to get L4, it really does need to be of a high calibre.
  6. gemzied

    gemzied New commenter

    Hi I have a revision guide that breaks down the questions and answers in the exam- it was modified from a resource that I found- I think it was RE stuff but not sure, If you let me know your email I will send it to you

    Happy New Year xx
  7. resmithy

    resmithy New commenter

    Hi san38,
    I too have been struggling with marking part e) on my mock papers. I was also at a feedback meeting a few weeks ago (Manchester - I wonder if it was the same one?).
    I agree with what you're saying about simply listing different views being criticised. The main thing I took from the meeting was that they want to see that students are engaged with the question and can evaluate different views, as opposed to simply state them; meaning that their own view develops out of their discussion, rather than being stated as just another viewpoint.
    To be honest, I don't feel confident that this is what they want and I'm really worried about the exams. Oh for the days of the old a,b,c format!

  8. Thank you so much gemzied, I would love this. My e-mail is madera22@live.co.uk

    Have a great 2011.
  9. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Hi REmithy - yes, Manchester, posh hotel? Sounds like we were both there, heard the same things...and are equally confused. LOL. Good to know not just me - thanks all.

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