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Aren't spelling fascists actually spelling anarchists?

Discussion in 'English' started by inky, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Oh for goodness sake, I explained why I wrote 'eny fule kno'. It is a famous quote from a fictitious schoolboy called Nigel Molesworth. As eny fule kno.
  2. whelk

    whelk New commenter

    I think you'd lose badly in the gong and paper chase.

    But you are the one selling a half baked scheme based on a lack of understanding and the need to invent history. You have a distinct lack of customers. Come back when you've thought it through. This time next decade perhaps.

    Vanity published books don't count by the way.
  3. Hey there reform-ingglish, why don't you scroll down this thread, where you will find that other people are also aware of, and use, the term 'eny fule kno'. Playing with words is a part of our cultural identity.
  4. whelk

    whelk New commenter

    I think what is obvious about these fules is that they have no sense of humour and are not widely read. Masha has obvious issues with reading, given the errors on her lists and the need to invent history. It wouldn't surprise me if this clone does too.
  5. You guys are hilarious! You actually think of throwing an obscure quote from an obscure author should be known byeveryone and, if one doesn't, then that would indicate that they are illiterate. PLEASE! Do you want me to find an obscure from somebody and see if you know it!
    That's humour! AHAHAHA! I am laughing! I am laughing! Huh! Why am I laughing? [​IMG]

  6. Oh! Well! The ad hominem attacks continue!
    You people are hilarious! If we know this, ergo we are superior, ergo, if you don't, you are not, ... Did you fail logic 101 or what?
    Your culture to keep a flawed spelling system is a JOKE, and it is bad humour, trust me!
    Why will you do something about it? It has only been 300 years before you changed things!
    How are the flintstones? [​IMG]
  7. You write a lot, but where are your credentials, name,... Are you afraid of something?
    Half-baked? ... Again, haven't you learned to back up your arguments with facts in Grade ... 4? [​IMG]

  8. BTW, here is the origin of Masha's use of the word "underclass"!
    Whoever misrepresented what she said better fess up, but I doubt the clown will!
    "Most educational change in English-speaking countries which governments
    impose is driven by the desire to reduce educational underachievement,
    or 'to tackle the scandal of our educational underclass' in Gove’s words.
    Caught with your pants or skirts down! [​IMG]

  9. You do understand that there is irony here: I think you will find that your culture (Canada), and the cultures of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Nigeria, Kenya, Ireland, India, Antigua, Botswana,Jamaica, Pakistan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, The Philippines, Malta....(I am sure you have the knowledge to complete this list)...are also using what you describe as flawed spelling. The British do not own the English language old chap. It is a world language.
  10. whelk

    whelk New commenter

    He's just a troll Penny. It's pretty obvious that he doesn't know anything and seems bent on messing up the English forum. If he is serious he shares Masha's attitude that if the product she's selling is rubbish, blame the customer.
  11. Time to leave him to unravel all by himself.
  12. Yes all thanks to the might of the British Empire.
  13. "Cultures?"In Canada? "Knowledge"? What?:)
    FYI, your forebears who spread their wings, spread also this mess of a language! Isn't time that all of you --in turn-- do something about it (and actually support these initiatives)? Rule, Britannia! RULE! Instead, we get from some of you vinegar and arrogance, something that you are also well disliked for! In all fairness, many Brits are doing something about it, but some of you are hanging on this language like it is your baby! My DOG! If it is your baby, raise it properly!
    "What I describe as flawed!" It is flawed! It is! English spelling is flawed! There is no question about it! The evidence is incontrovertible for anyone who knows anything about languages! Did you go to my website to check the evidence? Not sure what people from the colonies have to offer, but ... ! [​IMG]
    Mind you, some people from your country are doing something about it! Some!

  14. whelk

    whelk New commenter

    Which came with a huge body of literature, which, in case you hadn't noticed, is a major purpose of this forum. Language mangling and petty whining about how hard the spelling is doesn't feature at all until you turn up.
  15. Rubbish? Oh! Yes! That would describe the English spelling system! I agree!
    We are not selling rubbish! YOU Are!
    If it was selling, you could not get a penny for it!
    YOur spelling system is JUNK! Garbage! Bring the dumpsters!
    Don't you get it! Jeesh! Can some people connect the dot or NOT? Do we need to spell it out for you?
    Oh! Ya! True! You would not get what we would be spelling! True!
  16. Are you seriously suggesting that literature, journalism and academic texts written in English do not sell? What colour is the grass on your planet?
  17. No, I am suggesting that your spelling system is fraught with so many inconsistencies (AKA mistakes, errors, faulty parts,...) that, if it were a car, it would not sell (because it is defective)!
    You do acknowledge that it is! Right?

  18. Considering your warm and friendly welcome, no surprise there!
    Oh! Whelk, get with the program! We are not talking about the past, we are talking about the future!
    In any case, YOU are mangling the language every time you write! There are spelling rules! 91! Follow the rules! But, again, as I have said repeatedly, we will not force to follow those rules! So, are you defending the English language because you are afraid that it is going to be destroyed! WE are not destroying it! YOU are! We are trying to make it what it should have been had arrogant and dysfunctional wannabes like Samuel Johnson not MANGLED it!
    RULE, Britannia!
    And, follow your rules!

  19. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    My head hurts.
    Come back masha - all is forgiven.
  20. Yes, I think anything or anyone that mentions that the "earth isn't flat" might stress him or her out. After all, at the time of Shakespeare, I am sure there were still more than a few people who were still convinced that the earth was flat and, so, it must be true still today! [​IMG] Mind you, they had an excuse. They did not have satellites to demonstrate that it was so. Thanks to you, Masha, we do have incontrovertible evidence that the English spelling system is such that it makes learning to read and spell a laborious and streneous affair for most people, unless governments and people are willing to pay for more school services to make things look as if everything is okay!


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