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Areas of learning in a small classroom±

Discussion in 'Primary' started by carlyr, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am an NQT teacher in a Y3 class and one of my targets is to set up areas of learning within the classroom (similar to the Foundation Phase) however I am a bit stuck as my classroom is pretty small. At the moment I only have a reading corner. Has anyone successfully created different areas of learning in a small classroom? Also what areas of learning would you look for in a year three classroom?

    Any ideas would be much appreciated!

  2. I try to use my display boards where I can. I used to have a chest of drawers under my numeracy journey, which was my "Challenge Table". On it I'd have different problem cards which the children could go to and solve. Similar with literacy, different VCOP activities perhaps which they could take and use? These don't take up too much space, (or none if you put them in pockets on your boards) but could create 'learning areas'. Then we have a "topic island" where we put books/pictures/objects along with some questions to get children thinking. Hope that helps in some way!
  3. char2505

    char2505 New commenter

    In ters of space, you can use tops of chn's drawers etc to make areas. I think writing and lmaths area would be the main ones. If no room for role play area could you have a box/chest with role play things in that could be bought out onto carpet are? Or a small world with prompts for writing?

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