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Are your students doing their google classroom learning?

Discussion in 'Education news' started by num3bers, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. num3bers

    num3bers Occasional commenter

    Two things really. I am hot, bothered, fed up and I could cry.

    1. The school is closed. I was told to put work on the google classroom and run remote learning and also " Live learning" ( although I am not sure how to do that as no one explained it to me).

    I have been waiting for students to put their work up for me. None of them have. I have contacted them but got no replies. What else can I do? I knock at their e mail doors but no one answers!

    Most of my classes are A level anyway and I had managed to complete the courses because I had the foresight to see this police state lockdown coming back in January. Since exams are now " cancelled" ( except it seems they are not but the students do not seem to know it) . I am being asked to find assessed work to use for predicted grades ( e mail from school to me). I have some work but my exam was 100% exam based in my subject . The students I think have just stopped bothering and revising despite my telling them otherwise.

    2. I also supervise EPQ. As centre co ordinator I now have 26 EPQ projects to sort out ( as other teachers have dropped their metoring). Again I am still trying to get completed projects from them but I have no replies. I have work in a vairious nuber of states of completing but only two actually finished.

    I just do not know what to do. How do I get it through to the students I still need their completed projects?

    I too thought we were going on predicted grades..... what are the exam boards and governemtn playing at here? Announcing that exams are cancelled was not the way to get exam clases to contin ue to work.

    Am I the only one struggling with this problem? Has someone got a solution? For em, school holidays start at the end of this week anyway but it looks like I am expected to work all through without a break.

    After that the school ( an independent) has told me I will not be paid. . I can understand that but should I have to work for no pay? At this current rate I will be filling in paper work and making assessments for an exam board after I have been effecively laid off work.

    Why are we not using just predicted grades now?
  2. Smithsboy

    Smithsboy New commenter

    You should have started with the not getting paid bit! Since when, and why? Do they know parents aren't going to be paying fees? Making an announcement of no pay about a week into this seems ludicrous. I work in a small independent and have heard nothing like this.
  3. num3bers

    num3bers Occasional commenter

    We got an e mail when the school closed last week. It said we would be paid until the end of April ( ie this term). However, since the new term would require parents to pay fees the school felt it was not likely many would do so. Certainly the examination groups are a difficult one as the students wont be taking exams now it seems. So we were told we would not be paid next term but would be asked to work to keep the school open for next academic year etc.

    Also I have a new item on the list. The school now say we have to use something called "Zoom" to do remote learning. This requires a web cam and a microphone. I dont have either. My computer is very old. No one said I would need them. Do I need to get a new computer ..... and if stores are closed, how? Also, its an expense when I am looking at not being paid soon.

    I was using just e mail and asychronous communication.
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  4. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    If your employer wants you to use a particular methodology, they need to provide you with the tools to do this. Tell them you will be happy to comply on receipt of the necessary equipment.
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  5. thin_ice

    thin_ice New commenter

    And instructions on how to use it. You’re in a ridiculous situation.
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  6. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    Tell the school that - as you are being paid - you can't afford a new computer, so can they supply one for you. And the relevant training.
  7. bugsysmum

    bugsysmum New commenter

    I know unions aren't a huge amount of use in independent schools but if you are a member you are entitled to legal advice. I dont see how they are allowed to demand you work for no pay, either they pay you and you work ( even if that has to be at reduced rates to keep the business going) or they don't pay you and you don't work. There are employee protections which have been put in place to continue payment for employees who have lost their jobs or unable to work due to the virus, you may be eligible to get 80% of your pay from that, but the employer has to claim that. They can't direct your time if they aren't paying you, you are entitled to get another job in a supermarket if you wish.
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  8. citct

    citct New commenter

    According to government advice, Ofqual will use a range of data sources to publish a grade indistinguishable from other cohorts. Predicted grades will be only part of the data.
  9. a1976

    a1976 Occasional commenter

    Well yesterday, I saw some kids on their bikes around 1.00 when I had to go to the village shop. I made me wonder 'why bother'. Just continue to pay the teachers according to their contracts and let the students who are treating this as a prolonged holiday be damned.
  10. moscowbore

    moscowbore Lead commenter

    This is what the IB and CIE are doing. Schools send them data and an algorithm is applied which generates a grade. Students will have the opportunity to resit exams if they are unhappy with the grade.
  11. citct

    citct New commenter

    Going back to the original post; majority of students "taught", have disappeared. No evidence to include.
  12. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    You are nicer than me if you can 'understand' that! I'd be bankrupt if I got no pay at all for May/June/July/August.
    No chance. Tell the school to take advantage of the furlough scheme if they really can't afford to pay you. It means you can't work, but at least you can get paid. They can furlough some staff and not others to keep the school ticking over.
    Rubbish! Total nonsense!
    Our branch and our regional office is working pretty much round the clock at the moment to support reps and members in independent schools. Many are facing redundancy, unpaid leave, school closure, or furlough and need advice. They have published guidance for schools and leaders as well as for members.
    Even without formal recognition agreements, the advice is invaluable.

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