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Are you worried about the future of D&T???

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by debbie1130, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm really worried about D&T with everything that is going on and wonder if anyone else feels the same? I've put a very short simple survey together, so if you had any thoughts or views, if you could please fill it in. Thanks

    Here's the link:

  2. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    I wonder......How many school's that profess to be Ebac are actually going to award Ebac qualifications? What are they doing in order to achieve this status? It's as if everyone who went Acadamy likes using the word Ebac, but will these school's still award straight GCSE's? Seriously how many of you guys know if schools around you will "actually" give Ebac qualifications?
  3. Moomin Troll

    Moomin Troll New commenter

    Unless I've missed something here the E.Bacc isn't actually a qualification as it currently stands, it is only an academic measure which covers more than one set of qualifications. (eg: One person may undertake History and another Geography yet they will be compared via the measure of the E.Bacc - but in reality they have a distinctly different set of qualifications). So the answer to Spencer_DT is that they WILL still award GCSE's as it is only these that constitute the E.Bacc (as it currently stands at any rate!)

    ....but academies aren't 'bound' by the necessity to actually teach the NC (nor do they have to employ qualified teachers!!) But both of those are debates in themselves!
  4. Agreed, the EBac was introduced on a personal whim. Even the cabinet didn't know about it until it happened, let alone the schools.. The select committee was less than impressed, and representatives from JCB and the CBI both spoke very strongly in favour of GCSE D&T.
    What difference has this made?
    Meanwhile, as funding is cut and specialist status is disappearing, the EBac is causing a lemming like rush to change the curriculum in a lot of schools.
    Is this really government policy or just Gove policy?
    At the same time there is money to set up University Technical Colleges, is this a plan to remove technical education away from mainstream schools?
    Does the government have any real policy or direction?
    How many schools are reducing or to put it more strongly disabling D&T ?
    Far too many I fear.
    The EBac is just a list of selected GCSEs it does not offer a balanced curriculum for the majority, and little scope for personalisation.
    How well will it go down with the vast majority of 15 and 16 year olds?
    Perhaps next year's attendance figures will tell us.
    Bad times ahead ? Probably. Is it avoidable? Certainly. Can somebody explain what is going on, and more importantly why?
    Beats me!
  5. I have just completed my PGCE in D&T and have been actively looking for an NQT position for months. Needless to say, I still don't have anything for September. From our entire cohort, there were only eight that found a position, that includes part time work and temporary contracts. Am I worried, quite simply YES, and so are some of the teachers at the schools I have been on placement in. We had a guest speaker on our last day of the course. He 'informed' those that didn't know how "...Gove hates DT and I'll not be surprised if it disappears completely in the next couple of years". NIce! That's just what you need to here. I came from industry to teach DT, so I at least have something to fall back on. That said, I am now doing a development course to teach Maths instead, so I can at least get my induction year completed.
  6. Thanks for the posts - the maths re-train one is interesting - but worrying - are we DT or are we STEM?
  7. Hi
    I'm an NQT with a teaching post to go to but am worried as well
  8. Hi sorry I'll go back and take the survey now as well
  9. Moomin Troll

    Moomin Troll New commenter

    Just done this - and despite the excellent promo video from DATA (although no Food / Tx input in it) I can confirm that I am (still) worried about D&T.

    .....have you seen the latest parliamentary report on the E.Bacc. - looks like its not all going according to plan!

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