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Are you teaching A2 AQA Health and Social care desperate plea!

Discussion in 'Science' started by zooman, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been asked at extremely short notice to cover AQA A2 Health and Social Care unit 14 - Diagnosis and Treatment. I have not ever taught Health and Social Care before and therefore have absolutely no resources of my own to use. I am pretty desperate as I have been asked to take over from someone who has left with immediate effect and as such the person has not left anything I can use at the school. I have searched the internet for help but have drawn a complete blank.
    If you have any resources ie power points, work sheets, games etc, I would be immensely grateful.
    A huge thank you in advance:)
  2. In same boat
    If it is the course starting next year, as far as i can tell there is no textbook and only the spec paper to go, some of the past paper questions are avaiable sort of, in overlapping papers from the previous scheme but you would have to pick and choose questions.
    Good luck will let you know if I come across anything

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