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Are you sparing a thought for all those teachers who've left?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by houserabbit, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. This one is for SMT/SLT teams. Today is the first day of term for many English schools. Are you sparing a thought for those staff who've chosen to leave you or who you've helped on their way? No, of course not. The new team will be better. As usual.
    Have a great term.
  2. NOt all SLTs are abhorrent monsters. We were lucky enough to have employed some really talented teachers over the last few years; they outgrew us and have now successfully moved on. Of the teachers that did not fit in this category, they have now moved on to an establishment that better matches their skills sets. Surely this is the best for all concerned? If after extensive support - as acknowledged by the teachers, they feel we are not the place for them (as we also knew), it is surely better for all for the teacher to be assisted in making the next step in the work life...not being in the right school for you is not being a failure; staying there knowing this however fails the school, students, teacher and the rest of the staff.
  3. mychuck

    mychuck New commenter

    Well said. I had a text message from a member of our team who left at the end of last term on Sunday wishing us well for the new term. The rest of my staff also received it. We wished her the same back in her new post as phase leader.
    Not all schools are unpleasant to work in and SMT take alot of stick at times.

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