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Are you in a book club and if so do you enjoy it?

Discussion in 'Book club' started by mammal, May 18, 2012.

  1. There has been a few articles in the press this week about book clubs and making recommendations for how to make them work. These include not too much alcohol and no pre 1900 books. There seemed to by criticism of their success.
    I have been in the same book group for over 21 years. I joined when I was new to this area and I have made a lot of good friends as a result. We met last night and I had a lovely time, with wine and nibbles, followed by coffee and cake. We read lots of interesting books and the odd poor choice. I just love meeting others who share the same pleasure in reading. Perhaps that is why I like visiting this Forum on the TES site.
  2. ljr

    ljr New commenter

    I enjoy the book group I attend, it has suceeded in widening my reading, giving me many more genres to enjoy as well as providing me with a ready made set of friends with the same interest. Maybe we are a little boring - we only have coffee, not even cake & certainly not wine, but we do have a really good discussion each meeting. A friend goes to a group that has a meal out each time, but that sounds a bit expensive. We take it in turns to choose the next book, sometimes going on a cinema trip if a film is made of a book we've read.
  3. I agree that it's often about the other people. I really enjoy my book club most of the time, but I had to object when one member suggested we read a Katie Price book! I mean, seriously! I'm all for reading books I wouldn't necessarily chose myself, but I AM NOT reading anything by bloody Katie Price - especially since she doesn't even write them!
    A member of our group spent months raving about how wonderful the Twilight books are. I almost relented, and picked one up in a bookshop, and picked a page at random. After reading about half a page of 'deep haunted eyes and beautiful pale skin' I decided I wouldn't be reading any of that simpering sh1te either!
    We're just about to start The Paris Wife. I'm looking forward to that.
  4. Oh Twilight's not that bad... I read the first one to find out what my children were reading and read the rest to find out what happened next - but the films are rubbish.

    I'm in a postal book group (I don't live in the UK) with other expat readers. We each choose one book which we post to the next person on the list when we start our "year" in October. There are ten of us but the number fluctuates from year to year ... one member who joined last year has said that she won't do another year as we've had too much stuff she didn't like this year. I must admit that this year's choices have been varied and not really as enjoyable as the previous three years' but that won't make me drop out.
    We have our "discussions" in a members' only area of Goodreads website and thngs generally work out. I've just finished the last book for this year and wrote a brutally honest review explaining in detail why I hated it... but then so did most of the group.... the person who chose it won't take it personally (we hope).
    Although we have to pay the cost of postage, because each person puts into circulation a book they already own it's actually cheaper than buying a book every month.

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