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Are you fully booked yet?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by bramblesarah, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    Hi all,
    I have been tutoring for a while (taking it more seriously the past three years).
    I have found this year I was contacted a lot more before the summer holidays to start with students in September. I am pretty much full so I am not too fussed but I haven't had anyone contact me at the end of the holidays or the first few weeks of term which is weird as it is normally a really busy time.
    I tutor maths so maybe parents are settling down with the new GCSE? I have also had more younger students start so maybe parents are starting younger rather than waiting till year 11?
    Just wondering what it's like for everyone else? I am in the North West btw.
  2. Lespaul101

    Lespaul101 New commenter

    Yes I am fully booked. I’ve had to start turning work down as I can’t do anymore.
  3. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    I've been fully booked for some time but mainly because I'm gradually reducing the number of students I take.
  4. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    No unfortunately.
    I'm up to ten students. I want about twenty for a full house so only half way there. What sort of numbers do other tutors work on?
  5. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    I am not superstitious but I have this thing about 13 students. Not including the LAC students I teach during the day, I had 13 students. I now have 11 as one dropped out, she is in year 4 and doesn't really need tuition, because she wants to do football instead. The other I had a disagreement with her mum which I posted about recently the fortnightly tuition issue. I ended up with 12 last year as can never seem to be able to get over the unlucky 13. I have space for 5 more but I am only really looking to take on another 3 which would be 14 in total. There are a few siblings of students I taught last year who's parents mentioned they wanted me to come back and teach them.
  6. doctoryes

    doctoryes Occasional commenter

    Not completely fully booked, but like @bramblesarah, I find that it's possible to reach an upper limit. I have enough work for now to be fussy about who else to take on, but still have a bit of space for a few extra students later in the year. The parents of the potential tutee who suggested a date this week and then told me at the last minute that they couldn't make it, probably won't be given another chance, for example.
  7. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    I used to have 30 plus. Last year 25 and this year 17. I'd be happy to go down to 12 next year when I'll be 70 but hope to continue at about that level for a few more years if possible.
  8. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    Wow that's impressive. How any years have you been tutoring? How did you fit 30 students in per week? I am 27 but I hope to continue into my 70's as there will be no retirement for my generation!
  9. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    I started about 20 years ago. It took a few years to get up to 30 but after that I got most of my students from recommendations. I used to work every day, usually 6 lessons on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. I tutor A level so was able to do some A level lessons earlier on school days when students had free periods.

    I think demand for private tuition will only increase but probably competition will also. Good luck for the next 43 plus years!
    bramblesarah likes this.
  10. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I can only take on two students at the moment because of other work commitments.

    I have my two and could easily have a few more if I was able to take them on.
  11. hoalarg

    hoalarg New commenter

    16 currently. Just 2 spaces free.
  12. alsoamum

    alsoamum Occasional commenter

    Yes, fully booked at 14 hours a week and 19 students in total.
  13. Mrs Blag

    Mrs Blag New commenter

    Can I ask whether this is through agency, or word of mouth, or your own advertising? I signed with First Tutors and had 2 inquiries that didn't get any further than a few back and forth exchange of info.
  14. alsoamum

    alsoamum Occasional commenter

    Word of mouth mainly. I've been tutoring for 4 years though, so I get a lot of siblings and friends of existing students.
  15. alsoamum

    alsoamum Occasional commenter

    Over the last 4 years I've had 2 students from TH and 1 from FT who have actually gone ahead with lessons. I've had many, many time wasters - which is their prerogative- so I don't put a lot of effort into my profile etc on those websites.

    I think due to being an 11 plus area, parents discuss tutors a lot - it's almost like we are the latest fashion trend!
  16. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter

    I carried over 4 students from last year and now have 7, I’m at about half capacity, however I have moved areas in the last couple of weeks.
    It is picking up now.
  17. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    I only have two, at the moment.
  18. BG54

    BG54 Occasional commenter

    I'm currently at 18 hours tuition per week, I could possibly squeeze another two in on weekday evenings - that's much busier than at the same time last year when I had 10 hours. I'm not sure what the reason is for the sudden increase tbh.
  19. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    I decided to reactivate my TH account a couple of weeks ago (after having it inactive for the last 18 months) to see if I could pick up one or two extra day time students. I've been amazed by the response. I've had 7 enquiries in two weeks (of which only two were stupid) and three bookings so far and waiting to hear from a fourth. Most enquiries have been for A level physics, I don't think there can be many other tutors offering it round here.

    Time to change the account setting to inactive again.
  20. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    I don't know if anyone is on the tutoring site that sounds like 'full' at the end, but there's an awful lot of time-wasters on there at the moment. Nearly every other day I have the 'desperate' client messaging me with regards to tutoring their child in 11+ English, GCSE/GCSE resits etc. We agree a date time etc and then when it comes to the bit where they have to pay, there's nothing. Not even a 'I'm sorry I've found someone else.' It's really annoying!

    The one thing that they've done on the site that's good of late, is they've got a section where you can now 'report a client' to them. Not the usual time-wasters per se, but on the site they've been some really dodgy messagers that have been really rude when you decline their offer to tutor them or their child.

    Generally, I'm not that busy with the tutoring of private clients, but I'm currently a bit busy working as a cover tutor at a prison, doing functional skills Maths and English. It's definitely keeping me on my toes!

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