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Are you a UPS1 on maternity leave? Please help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by HFQ, May 6, 2012.

  1. HFQ

    HFQ New commenter

    Is anyone able to tell me the breakdown of monthly wage for this? I know the maternity pay conditions etc but I can't find an answer as to how much tax reduction applies, tax credit entitlements etc relate directly to the pay I am on. I am simply UPS1, full time with no TLR.

    I hope you can help, thanks in advance!

  2. I was hoping to find the answer to this too as i would like to plan for each month ahead.
    Anyone any ideas?

  3. I can't answer the question for you but once you have notified work of your maternity leave date they can provide you with a weekly breakdown of your earnings. I think tax credits are worked out on both your earnings and your partners combined. If you are planning to use child care it may be worth starting to claim child care vouchers as soon as your baby is born as once you drop to just SMP they can't be deducted so you get them 'free' for the duration until your return to work.
  4. The exact same amounts apply regardless of which pay point you're on so it's still X weeks on full pay, X weeks on half pay, etc.
    You'll let tax credits know when you get your P60 in April/May and they'll adjust your payments for the year that's passed.
  5. Ring up your payroll and ask for a breakdown. I rang mine after the baby was born and they sent it out within two weeks. xx
  6. Thanks everyone for replying! It has given some food for thought. x


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