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Are we the only school......?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dusty67, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Are we the only school that hasn't had any KS2 test papers back yet?
    It's driving me mad reading all these posts, when we've not had a sniff of a paper back. I spend the day hovering around the office accosting anyone who looks remotely like a delivery man. Not good for my reputation.[​IMG]

    I'm beginning to worry I did something wrong when I sent the parcels of papers off!
  2. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    Friday is the absolute last date for booking a collection, so yours could go off tomorrow at the latest and be with you on Monday. Bit mean of the marker though to keep you hanging on like this...hope it's good news!
  3. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Thanks for the advice razzie! I'll put off panicking till Monday then!
  4. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Well, we've still not had a single paper back! Maths or Literacy.
    Don't think I'm going to sleep this weekend.
    Mind you I suppose it could be worse, my friend had "the call" from Ofsted yesterday!
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    That would definitely be worse!

    If you had done something wrong in sending the papers off, someone would have contacted you by now. Within a week or so of SATs week in fact.

    Our HT tells the story of a time, many years back, when he forgot to include the mental maths in the parcel. A few days later got a phone call asking where they were. Found them sitting on his desk!

    Seriously, you wouldn't have got away with it until now...promise. And if they are like ours, you don't actually want them back. Ignorance was definitely bliss!

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